Is anyone in here old enough to remember.....

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Flagrantviolator, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. The old FreddyChef rations Ham Omelette? Wonderful things.... heated in the vent of an Iltis or on the boiling vessel of a Cougar, would make perfect "hotfoots" during Winter Warfare ex's. Oh the good old days....
  2. Most painful memory of Canada was after we'd fought through the position in Wainwright as a section attached with 2RGJ in the Summer of 90... and forced to go to ground in a swamp right bang in the heart of Capital Mosquito, Wainwright, Canada! we came out looking like the elephant man... :roll:
  3. "Is anyone in here old enough to remember....."

    I thought this was going to be a "last time the Leafs won the cup" thread. Best wishes to my fellow Canucks for next Wednesday; to anyone in UK, see you in Trafalgar Square.
  4. What's on Canada Day, Hank?
  5. I remember when rock was and Suzy had so much fun...........
  6. This:

    Another arrser, catchyerselfon, put me in touch with this because the Maple Leaf/Maiden Lane street party has apparently been stopped.
  7. Really? Well that is a shame. Fond memories of ......well, I don't remember much. But do have vague recollections of good times....
  8. I remember those well - I think I was one of the few that actually enjoyed them. From the same era of IMP's how about the fruit cake? Fit perfectly in the cargo pocket of the combat pants and, if needed, could be used to shore up your defensive position. :lol:

    And happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!
  9. I loved them too. The cherry dessert gave me tectonic sh!ts. Worst ever had to be mac n cheese w/ peas. Who the heck thought THAT abortion up?!
  10. I always loved the Green Eggs and Ham IMP and was saddened to see it pulled from the 'selection' in favour of some more ethnically palatable stuff.. though the spaghetti bolonese almost matches the quality of Chef Boyardee..

    was right chuffed when I found a cache of the Ham'n'Egg IMP-ies ' transferred to the Cadet Corp en masse for summer training supplies [ despite their being well past the ' best before' date ].. I guess they figured the younguns could handle the samonella and listeriosis better than the regforce and reserve oldies..

    And don't get me started on the multitudinous uses for 'dessicated bread ' and the delights they entailed..
  11. Aero bars were good. Made sure my crew got 3 lunches/day. Everyone else got supper/bfast. Oh the joys of A1 echelon and running replens!
  12. Long after cigarette smoking was ' frowned on' they still put the packet of matches in the meal kit.. I think it was so you could ignite the little foil packets of ' coffee whitener' which IIRC ' blew up real good'- made for a shortlived but delightful after dinner entertainment.

    always enjoyed squeezing the peanut butter from the little packets into the bottom of the next guy's sleeping bag and waiting for them to slip into it lights out..made them think of all kinds of ' wonderment '...

    new IMP's have a little packet of ' herbal green tea' in them What the Hell???
  13. I also remember the peanut butter (and "dairy spread" or whatever they called the butter) coming in yellow toothpaste-style tubes. The peanut butter wasn't bad, but it still didn't make that god-awful brick of bread any more palatable.

  14. as spare track pads???
  15. Add-on armour?Put in a sock and used as a blackjack for enfor? sliced thinly and used as FMP? What other uses for Bread Dessicated Disgusting? The Dessicant Pack Do Not Eat was far more palateable!