is anyone in helmand provice in stan at the mo?

just curious if anyone is serving in the other sandpit as i will be going out early next year and was looking for some heads up before hand.

any links pics or advice welcome

cheers in advance.
im not to worried about internet like the detached feeling from live back in the UK just wondering on ground, area, local threats etc
I think perhaps that duke was refering to the fact that anyone who is there will have extremely limited access to the internet, and would therefore not be able to give you much in the way of info :roll:
You could try the Michael Yon site, the link is in the Helmand Province thread. Still not sure if he's totally genuine, but plenty of photos, some staged, some not and don't try and read it. It will twist your brain. He also probably comes under the local threat category. Worth a look and a laugh though.

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