Is anyone in at DMETA?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by 3amigos, May 14, 2005.

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone at DMETA does any work. I have recently been deployed as a DMETA asset and I wonder if they use the out of sight out of mind style of management.

    It's like this myself and a few pals have set up camp in a hot climate and are rather settled. Good job too as it looks like we're here forever. (Might start looking for a nice little house I hear the locals are quite freindly.) Anyway we've been here three months and there is no word on end of tour.

    The guys we deployed with have gone. We managed to sneak out a couple of DMETA staff on the QT like. But the rest of us are just stagging on.

    Now last night one of ours was told (with bags packed and ready to go) sorry mate there's no replacement for you. Now his replacement was not coming weeks ago so why did they wait till the night before our hero was due out of here to tell him?

    Please, please I do hope the Ivory Tower read this board and perhaps take note. There are some very p***ed off bunnies out here!
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    As if they care about the rantings in this site- unless they can find out a name..........................
  3. So, roughly speaking, where about are you and what sort of DMETA asset are you???
  4. Ha ha very funny. I'm sure that anyone in the know could narrow it down though....f**k em if they can't take a joke!
  5. DMETA hierachy need to get their staffing management in order. people in the lower south of iraq dont know their end of tour dates or whats happening. this uncertainty of whats happening breeds despair and affects morale,self control and retention. its so shocking when u think of it because the people there (lower south of iraq) are some of the cream of the corp and they are being fecked around for nothing. rumours has it that the guy whos end of tour was changed last minute was bue to some nob jockey ops officer who forgot to get his replacement. can u believe it "forgot" thats person should be make a visit to MCTC pending discharge. u dont play with peoples emotions.
    enough said and hope DMETA hierachy do make an investigation
  6. Curtis, don't hold your breath over someone being repremanded over this. Imagine if it had been the Desk-Jockey that this happened to 8O ....christ we'd hear the whinging over here.

    DMETA as of late are showing complete disregard for their personnel. And they wonder why our retention and staffing figures are so shocking :roll:
  7. Re the lack of knowledge on rtu dates for DMETA Pers. HQ DMETA publish all start and end dates for all DMETA Pers prior to deployment on Ops. Furthermore, a list is of pers and their tourex dates is promulgated to all operational med units on a monthly basis. If you are in-theatre and are unaware of your end date please query thro your chain of command. They have all the start and end dates avaiable to them.

    Pse note, do not PM me as a colleague has had to borrow my account to respond.
  8. If that's the case then why have I just checked the lastest tourex date for a friend of mine only to find out he returned a couple of days ago!

    Interesting as I'm sure he e-mailed me yesterday from theatre!
  9. Guess he she was due to come home then? Got to remember the boys in blue only fly when the sun shines.
    Flt dates do change!
  10. So does that explain why the guy from my original post is still in theatre now?

    And did I not mention ours is a hot climate - it's always bloody sunny!
  11. FLL Nurse Perhaps he/she didn't want you to know that they were back!!
    CurtisMayfield whine whine whine. Is you middle name Ariston. First you didn't want to go to Catterick, now you don't like being in the south. Have you thought about transfering to the RAF, then you could spend all your time in a 5* hotel. Knowing you though you would whine about that.
  12. Three Amigos
  13. Curtis, bless your little heart. When I like you was a whinning nig, an old soldier pointed out that in WW2 some people went away and did n't see their families for years. They did n't have email, telephones and all of the welfare facilities we have but they still did the job eventhough they had no EOT date. Take a look at yourself and decide if you are really in the right job, because to be honest I don't think you are. By the way, when you have spent over 5 years of your Army career on ops like I have you can tell me about it !
  14. Agreed, I'm all for making sure the blokes don't get f*cked over, but at the end of the day this is the British Army, not the Salvation Army. NEWSFLASH - We have always had;

    Sh*t comms
    Sh*t Officers (OK, not all of them)
    SH*t Kit
    Sh*t vehicles
    Barely adequate training (crammed into a pre tour package)
    Skeleton manpower
    non-existent career management
    Feel free to add more.........


    Our ability to get on with the job regardless of how sh*t it was has been the difference between us and every other Army in recent history.

    A great many things may go badly wrong for a Regiment when it deploys. Sometimes these cost lives. These are the things which need to be brought up and argued, all the rest is pointless whinging by people that don't know any better.
  15. What most of the posts about DMETA tend to be is that it is thier job to sort the tours out, the WW2 argument is a bit different, I am sure there were plenty of whiners then too ( whingeing soldier is a happy soldier), I remember many years ago when the individual trades used to organise wno was going when, where and for how long and it did not go wrong.I remember phoning one of my replacements telling them I had sorted out a decent spot and kit for a comfy life only for them to say they had no idea they were coming yet I have all the details from the organisers saying they did know.