Is anyone in any of these regiments??

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 1140_Sqn, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. If anyone is an acitve Officer in any of these Regiments, and knows who i need to get in touch with for a visit. could you PM me please. I have short listed these four regiments.


    Many thanks chaps,

  2. You don't go through individual officers in these Regiments, you need to contact your local Schools Liaison Officer. Your Careers master should be able to get the number for you.
  3. 1140 didnt listen in the other forum, so he probably wont listen in this one either, paymaster
  4. ok thanks, will do.
  5. Watch out though the Liason Officer might try to sway you to look at his old unit, but be firm on your choice. Mine seemed to be a bit like that, and was a little pissed off that a bunch of officers had done a visit to school with the aim of recruiting a few of the boys!
  6. yes im sure i wont let that happen!

    I really am focused on joining the RAC or HCR. I would love to be a tank commander.

    one more question, I would like to join the AAC after a few year with the RAC. how easy (or should i say, what are the chances) of getting on the pilot course??

  7. One question they will ask you is 'why'

    The next question will be 'why us' by your crew
  8. why? because i would like to be apart of what i think are the best regiments in the british army!

    the thought of commanding a tank one day, doing foot patrols the next or going out on exerise to me is just as good as it gets!

    to me, thats why....

  9. Pass the bucket...
  10. start thinking of sex, pay and career opportunities - in that order, like any young geezer. Don't go in all gung-ho or you will be disappointed. You can pretend you are when the general asks you a question but don't try to live the ideal.
  11. HCR is part of the RAC, except with horses. If you join the Blues and Royals or the Life Guards, be prepared to Command a Horse before a
    CVR(T), if you want to command a Tank look at the CR2 Regiments. Going into the AAC afterwards is not an easy step, there is a lot of Exams to do before hand, then there is the flying stuff of course.

    If you want to join one of the finest Regiments in the RAC you have to consider the RTR (People Cav), by far the best (Fear Naught). On another note life as a soldier is not all it is cracked up to be, Officers life is even worse.
  12. I am :)

    well, sex, career, pay...
  13. If you want to join HCR you wont need to think about money for a moment .... you will already have more than enough.

    As the USSR's intelligence report of the late 1970s reported, " in such regiments the pay is only used to buy the officers scent and gloves, they live off their country estates"