Is anyone else annoyed by the Palestinian bias of the BBC?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Alaarm!, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    Regardless of what you think about the conflict my issue is this - As the national News Agency / Broadcasting Corporation shouldnt the BBC remain objective?

    Im sure Im not imagining it, but the BBC seems to have a very pro Palastinian bais to it's reporting, this is nothing new. From the tone of voice of the female news readers to the re-running of the same clip of newsreel of a child getting loaded into an ambulance.

    What really got me was a headline across the bottom of the screen during an interview with a member of the Israeli MoD, who was actually talking sense about Hamas using human sheilds. The headline said ' ISRAEL HAS GPS COORDINATES OF PALASTINIAN SCHOOLS'

    The headline had nothing to do with the interview and also is very 'loaded'. What does that headline suggest? That Israel are using GPS guided weapons on schools? Yes, thats what my Civvy Mrs thought as well. What about if they have the GR so they DONT hit the schools. Surely a Country will know the locations of public buildings within it's own borders!

    Anyway, I would be interested to hear what everyone else has to say as my Mrs thinks Im imagining things!
  2. You mean like the torrid time given by the BBC News 24 anchor to the Israeli Ambassador to the UN last night?

    Followed immediately by her getting very very punchy with the Palestinian Rep?

    Yeah , I could really see the bias. :roll:

    The UN gave Israel the GPS co-ordinates to 'protected places' , like schools, hospitals, places of worship etc , to try and prevent an Arty strike arriving on these locations.

    Much like they did with an OP in the Lebanon, fat lot of good that did, save saving the Israelis the bracketing shells.

    Does this need another poll , when it could be in the large Israel thread already existing?
  3. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    I doubt the Palestinians even bother trying to con the BBC anymore, they simply report any allegation or story, no matter how unlikely, as factual.

    Nowadays it rather amuses me to see pictures of palestinian people being loaded into ambulances, do a search for pallywood if you don't get my meaning.

    The infamous Jenin massacre was the straw that broke this camel's back. I remember the reporters on the ground reporting huge death tolls whilst complaining about being refused access to film the massacre. 8O

    I honestly don't think it would be taking things too far to consider the BBC as being the most clearly racist mainstream media organisation in existence.
  4. I think it would, way and beyond.

    The argument as usual is simply "The world's foremost News organisation should be on Israel's side , it would make our PR offensive so much easier"
  5. Yes mate, this does need another poll, as this is about the BBC not the conflict.

    The bias is subtle, and of course Palastinian interviewees are going to get a grilling as well, but just have it in your mind next time you watch BBC News. Bear in mind that the Palestinian Rep to the UN is Fatah (i think) and not Hamas, so is also a 'victim' - how much grilling can a victim of Hamas actually get?

    I dont want to get drawn into the rights and wrongs of Israeli stratagy or Hamas tactics (but will gladly chat about them in the other thread)!

    I wonder how many minutes have been devoted to 'human story' anicdotes about Palastinians compared to the 10 - 15 % of the Israeli population in range of Hamas on the BBC?

    A UN school was hit, it would be interesting if the BBC found out who the casualtites where (as opposed to reporting them as 'Palastinians'), again my Mrs (a good Civvy indicator) automatically presumed they were kids fuelling her anti Israeli sentiment, we all know that if the school was targeted in a deliberate Op, then there was a reason.....

    Also, yes I understand about the UN giving Israel key point locations, but my point was that they WAY in which the headline read detracted from the Israeli interviewee and also infered that Israel had GPS coordinates and where using them in their offensive.
  6. Well don't look at Sky News right now Shippers, because it's leading there as well...

    Sky just interviewed a Jewish English Girl working with the Medical teams in Gaza.

    God love and protect you Burd, getting into that mess to make a difference.
  7. Personally I think they give equal exposure to both sides. In my opinion Ch4 News is much more biased.
  8. Anybodywould think that the BBC were raving and providing a load of unsubstantiated b@llocks. Unfortunately for those saying so, they aren't. Nor are the BBC the only news organisation providing the same information.
  10. I think it is easy and fashionable for journo's to appear on the underdog's side. Anyone remember the biased reporting during Bosnia and Kosovo (from all news Agencies)?
  11. What PTP and others are actually missing, is that this is our taxation funded state broadcasting organisation. If they want to take sides, drop the state funding, dont do it and expect me to remain happy to pay for their biased reporting. I hardly watch BBC news nowadays, as their political views dont concur with mine. Using the likes of Nick Robinson, Andrew Marr and that odious Robert Peston to report on politics in the UK, and the likes of Orla Guerin for the Middle East. A news broadcast should be just that, leave the politics for the politics shows and present a balanced view.
  13. Not at all - I think it's been fairly balanced coverage. But it is good to see the Palestinian side shown occasionally - which you never get over here in the states where Israel can do no wrong
  14. I've no idea how this works, but?

    Someone fires a mortar or two at you (up to date modern army)

    You say, right send something back, that will blow them up.

    It then comes to light that the offending mortars were fired from a UN school.

    Gotta be a court martial, if fired from a school you must die and not complain!

    The BBC, just reporting what has happened, make your own mind's up, don't moan about the reporting!

    PTP, i love your post's but what the hell would you do if put in charge of this small and modern country?

    Hamas doesn't want peace, next move?
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Its balanced. Its just some people's rose tinted goggles and personal favouritism is being spammed around a lot of threads atm.

    And ffs, stop with those 'dogs of the IDF' inserts into every fcuking thread. Admitedly, some of them are attactive, but enough is enough. There's more horses on show there in that spammed link than the Grand National...