Is anyone daft enough....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MrPVRd, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. Yes, this site is bookmarked below "Farmyard XXX"

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  2. No, what do you take me for? A misuser of the Queen's IT resources?

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  1. post from their work computer?

    The sticky on Current Affairs regarding dodgy reproductions got me thinking...
  2. No, I use my mates login to post. :wink:
  3. Like you have mates Flash.

    I hear they all treat you like the friendly mong you are.

    Let you talk and dribble over them till you sh9t youself and fu(k off.

    Not that you know as you BO is stronger than the wiff off you arrse cheeks.
  4. didn't know you cared so much about Flash.... you his lover by any chance?
  5. Oh god, another stalker!! Tell me you aint 'the arrse pest' old bloke??
  6. Not at all, but your post within 15 seconds indicates a feeling of ? something towards the fezzing tosserr. oops not my words just his mates

    Are they the ones he uses for the bum bashing???

    Sure you will know.
  7. Yeah I post from the work computer.
    Living dangerously :twisted:
  8. Are we missing a point here old bloke? Or can you send key setting.
  9. Bald as a coot , just like you love em but brown hair,when I had some.
  10. 3T DFE AV BG NW TY WE.