Is any one weraing these on MTP

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by purplestar, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. They look right, but most lads seem to be wearing the woodland or desert type.
  2. No - rank slides are in development at the moment. These are someone's "best guess" - and are unfortunately wrong!
  3. Why on earth would you buy them?

    Where I am one pair is nearly 2 pints of lager.
  4. They are more expensive than that from the same seller on EBAY but feedback on the Rank Slides is excellent, have bought some other Multicam Stuff (things no one else is doing) from them with no problems but am looking at UK Tactical for some kit. One thing I have just purchased is the Vanguard Multicam pegasus webbing from none of the above mentioned sellers and I must say although a bit slow to get to me was excellent. Think the rank slides are top notch though gear spotter and the feedback seems to back it up
  5. From the phot on another thread of the 40 Cdo CO (MTP) taking over from a Rifles CO (des DPM), it looks like OG rankslides are back in vogue.
  6. Isn't that, OG rankslide, just a bootie officer thing?
  7. Nope, the WFRs used to do it, and the GH. I couldn't say if they still do it in their new guises, but... I can't recall anyother units who do it but I recall others may.

    Re 'development' of rank slides. What exactly needs developing in a rank slide? It is simply 6inches by 4 inches of matierial , sewn in a loop, with a badge of rank embroidered on it. Exactly the same as teh existing two/three models but in MTP.
  8. OG or tan rank slides must be the way forward. At least you can read the bloody rank off them!
  9. My lot should wear OG in barracks and DPM in the field,3 Rifles wear OG at all ranks.
  10. MERCIAN wear OG with rank insignia and MERCIAN in black
  11. R WELSH have OG with black markings for offrs and DPM with gold markings for the ranks. Ex-Stabs idea is a good shout tho!
  12. I've seen slides with badges applied in some kind of rubber material. Where do they fit into the big picture?
  13. Yes, I thought I had seen OG rankslides about the place. Sure I've saw RA officers wearing them aswell, amongst other untis.

    Agree with ex stab to an extent. Last tour I was on, me and the other lance jacks in our troop stuck the green square style patches onto the issue desert rankslides. Worked against us sometimes as we stood out a bit from other lance jacks and full screws, but was better all round
  14. thats so you cant slip away from the CSM when he grips you.