DEME(A) COS did allude to that at the DEME(A) conference. I believe the aim is to give those that weren't SCLM qualified the chance to get it done and then go forward to a board.
I concur with Mr Sparky, certainly seems so for later on this year. I wonder if any other Corps has stood up to be counted and realised that it would be beneficial to run a sweeper board.

Good luck to all and get qualified ASAP.
My understanding is that this is an Army wide sit and there will be a sweeper bd later in the year - it would be useful to know when and I will try to find out.
when we say sweeper normalyu it means sweep up any sh1t left view under the carpet, shit that we missed that should have been picked up first time round but because we are old gits we have missed it
Have been told to get CLM qualified as soon as poss as another board is due to sit sept/oct time. Wether this is to shut me up or is legit still waiting out. Rumour has it 200+ REME screws missed out due to CLM shenanigans.
There is another board in the autumn to address the ongoing CLM feckup. Did this ballsup affect the Sgt-SSgt board at all. I only ask as I know a few substansive Sgts who have been told they need to complete a poxy JCLM workbook despite having completed SCLM, this can't be right can it?
Yup, quite a few cock ups due to issues with the rules and who was/wasn't qualified and who had exemption etc. So go get CLM qualified!
the 26 of us in the mess at bordon have been told that there is a board on the 23rd nov...

as a belt and braces approach we are doing JCLM WBL now and doing the ed part in aug!!!!!

oh the fun
Will the sweeper board include those that missed out on the previous board or will it just include those who weren't CLM qualified. I would hope it does include all or there is a very good chance that inferior CPLs will slip through the net and get promoted.
phil37 said:
there is a very good chance that inferior CPLs will slip through the net and get promoted.
Best laugh I have had in ages....that has been happening for years mate, I wouldn't worry about it being a new thing :D

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