IS and Tech Trade Merge

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Think_Geek, May 3, 2008.

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  1. As the IS and Tech trades are due to merge, does anyone know what is to happen with current Class 2 IS Engrs and Techs? Will they be required to do any more training or courses? Will all current Siggy IS Engrs be promoted to LCpl to bring them in line with the Techs? Any thoughts?
  2. According to the last MCM Div brief I attended (about three or four weeks back), Techs will do an IS crammer before the Class One course and IS will do a Tech crammer. Don't know about current IS, but the new trade will get their stripe when they leave Blandford/new depot.
  3. On the promotion front, your unit should have received a letter regarding IS Engr siggies and promotion. I'm not going to go into detail, the letter was protectively marked, however have a chat with your FofS(IS)/TOT/RCMO/Foreman who should be able to give you the heads up.

    I've seen some ideas written down regarding cross training which, lets face it, is far less of a burden to an SET than an IS Engr (unless they're an ex tech). Not sure what MCM mean by a "crammer", you cant replace a years worth of training with a couple of weeks in the unit training wing. I'm still waiting to see policy on training which goes into any detail.

    Anyone at the college of knowledge shed any light?
  4. When will the last IS class 1 course run? Or has it already ceased to be?
  5. I think that the pre-Class 1 courses will be running from September this year and I believe that DCCIS course design are currently knocking up the syllabus although there's a bit of work left to do. The course design webpage (RLI/DII workstations only) is reasonable and has lots of useful information regarding those courses.

    The last Class 1 IS Engr course starts 23rd Jun. The first Class 1 CS Engr starts in Jan 09.