Is America the greatest country in the history of the world?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by USALegate, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. I rather think it is.

    No other country dominates in as many spheres as does America.

    What you do, how you do it, what you do when you're not normally doing what you do - are all influenced and subconsciously affected by America.

    America has the power to destroy the world a hundred times over, yet sacrifices its soldiers to protect the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. It fights with its hands tied behind its back because the people of America are also the most self-critical people in the world. Such are our backbone - moral and courage.

    America's army destroyed two armies and killed nearly a hundred thousand opponents in 3 months of warfare, liberating 50 million people from the tyranny of extremism.

    America's innovation courses through the economic life veins of the world, making everything from computer chips to GE potato chips.

    All hail America, if not for America, Britain's story would have ended in 1940.

    Only 300 million manage to dominate the world. 300 million, soon to be 330 million in ten years with the North American Union setting up, 450 million in 30 years, not to mention 1% natural increase a year.

    A country that will be the largest country in the world and have the most fresh water, oil and other resources, larger and more-resource rich than Russia and Middle East combined.

    All hail America - the epitome of mankind.

    America - pay your homage to America here.
  2. No, never has been never will be. Lacking in just about everything that makes a country and a people great. Homogenity being the number one requirement indiginous culture the second.
  3. This has to be a wah...
  4. Is Colin McKelvie the biggest cnut in the history of the world?

    I rather think he is.

    edited for being a shameful mong, as you can see below. You fcuker.
  5. Sixty

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    Not compared to Colin McKelvie he's not ;)
  6. in_the_cheapseats

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    Sorry. I'd type something meaningful if I wasn't pissing myself laughing :D :D
  8. The way that Hollywood keeps rewriting history (Enigma, etc) then sometime in the future kids will think that the Yanks built the pyramids, converted the Roman Empire to Christianity, and defeated the dinosaurs.
  9. When in fact it was Tim Collins.
  10. .
    my condolences to your patriotic schooling.

    The British Empire was the largest Empire in the world, when you send some chaps to meet the Naga hill tribesmen of Northwestern India please inform me.

    I quite fancy a doughnut actually

    Russia can probably do the same with Nukes, the Roman Empire was around a lot longer than you & did much the same.

    Tell it to the Russians, I'm sorry to burst your bubble old boy, but 80% of the Wehrmacht died on the Russian front.

    Tell that to the Chinese

    I highly doubt the American Eagle squadrons held off the Luftwaffe all by themselves.

    Something to be said for contraception :safe:

    Yet you still got beaten by a few chaps clad in black pyjamas & AK47s.

  11. He's not worth responding to properly, he spouts nonsense and isn't even American.
  12. The phrase that gets on my man boobs is when they refer to the shaved chimp as THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD

    Blow me AMERICA
  13. Come on guys give the good ol septics a break. Appart from the genoside of the Indians (and buffalo), destroying the planet and ignoring kyoto, killing the world with cheap sh?t food and becoming a new species of whale, trying to impose a christian conservative brand of taliban on the world, killing their allies and having a so what attitude, claiming victory in wwII when we only stopped paying in Feb 07, regarding anyone non-american as untermensch and being loud mothed arogant gits who would bomb anything before thinking they are OK in my book.
  14. Being a typical American you would appear to have never heard of Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, countries and civilisations (The USA is not a civilisation) that have left an indelible mark on the World in a way that America never has done and never will. It can be said that the 16th century was the Spanish century, the 17th the French century, the 19th the british century and the 20th the American one. The 21st will probably be the Chinese century.
    Ask the teenage Iraqi girl gang raped by members of what passes for an army her views on American "protection", ask the members of the wedding party bombed by a trigger happy idiot for their views. When America leaves those two benighted lands the legacy of hatred and bitterness left behind will last centuries, long after America is simply a subject for historians.
    As for Britain's story ending in 1940 I can't even be bothered to comment.
    I assume you mean largest in terms of size, wrong yet again. Smallest in terms of culture and in the esteem of the rest of the World certainly.
    Instead of leaving a legacy of freedom and decency in Iraq and Afghanistan America will creep away from two ruined lands, it could and should have been very different.
    Learn how to fight a low intensity campaign and how to engage with the civil population as the British did in Malayia in the 50s' and you will have learnt one worthwhile lesson.
  15. Sigh, once in a while even the Roman legion primus pilate has to suffer some backtalk from the auxilaries.