Is America now stepping up the arming of South Korea? Is confrict innevitabrre?

Now I know the Chinese take their fireworks seriously and all that but this is very peculiar indeed. Suspect "fireworks" shipment bound for China is stopped by Finnish authorities. It turns out to be 69 US made Patriot anti-missile missiles (and a fairly considerable amount of explosives) that are apparently only supplied to allies of the US. Probably not something they'd want to give to China then but the article suggests that the ship was potentially stopping in South Korea first.

BBC News - Finland 'finds Patriot missiles' on China-bound ship

Are America about to increase their support of the South Koreans? Does this mean there is an increased threat of conflict in Korea? Will the US fully **** it up at a time when things are particularly volatile in the region and escalate things (yes...probably).
I'm surplised I had time to even start this you knowrr how ****ing burrsy I am?

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