Is America losing? Spectator article

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jul 2, 2005.

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  2. This is a very interesting article but is a let down on two counts:

    You have only shown part of it.

    You must be a subscriber to read the rest of the article at the link.
  3. Mr PVR'd only showed part of it, as he is as aware of copyright issues as the rest of us :D

    The Spectator is a bloody good read, and well worth subscribing to , as I have mentioned before.

    Guys, I'll say it again , please do not cut and paste articles in their entirety. We do not have any re-publishing agreements as far as I am aware, and it leaves us open to dramas, especially from news sources that are subscription only.


  4. Many articles from the current issue of The Spectator can be viewed with FREE registration, only after do you need a paid subscription.

    To read all of this article between now and Friday 8th July, enable cookies, and enter the registration details:

    password: boris

    This is for a free account so no legal issues.
  5. The Guardian is paid-for content so happily you shouldn't have to post any drivel from it on ARRSE.

  6. Does Daily Mail drivel qualify? - there's far more of it per page
  7. It is a very interesting article indeed. The author tells bitter truth (but nothing new from factual point of view.

    Though I disagree with this place

    There is a lot of them: planners and enthusiasts. The author probably has forgotten about Rt.hon.,learned mr.Blair.