Is america fascist?

Found this whilst trawling t'internt

Obviously done by a bush hater (see alternative slang dictionary for definition), i.e someon who hates GWB :twisted:

Only probs is that it is quite true 8O 8O 8O
Almost all of these 'defining characteristics' of fascism are equally attributable to communism.

It is interesting to note how shrill the left gets when it earnestly believes (or wishes?) itself to be living 'neath the fascist yoke, yet it deafens us with its silence in the face of very real totalitarianism (appeasement of the Third Reich and the USSR).
how true gallowglass, how true :roll:

if only the UK could aspire to be the same. I wish we had an out of proportionate spending policy on the armed forces...

Oh wait... we do!

Only problem is its the wrong way around :twisted: [/quote]
I can see why Bush stands for what he does but at some point he doesn't have the boundary to stop, alot of americans love him and will rip you for knocking him yet is he doing the best for the good ole US of A?

Least he isn't licking arrse like Blaire is
Anya, your right.

Whilst not everyone agrees with GWB's world view, he is at least getting stuff done and is not afraid to hide behind PC or liberal attitudes to get something done!.

For that i respect him and had i been allowed to vote in their election my cross would have gone firmly in W's box (sounds a bit like a porno! 8O )

The democrats are just a bunch of limp wristed liberals who want to talk people into submission (all the whilst people are baing killed and no one is listening to them)

Yippeeekaiya muth@****@ :twisted:
Simple answer would be no. Fascism was developped by Mussoline as the "Third Way" (where have you heard that before?) between liberal democracy and Communism. It is a moderate left-wing [economically], nationalist, authoritarian, single-party system. It is also characteristic of fascist regimes to imprison political opponents.

Thus, if America /were/ fascist, John Kerry and other registered members of the Democratic party would be in Guantanamo.

In any case, point 8 is quite wrong for Hitler's Germany - Hitler wanted to abolish the church (like Lenin had done in Russia), but enough of Germany was religiously conservative as to make this impossible. Thus, he set up the Reichs church. About the only notable reference to religion from Hitler is the "Kinder, Kuche, Kirche" (Children, Kitchen, Church) speech about the role of women in German society

You could do a better analysis of Blair's Britain and Communism:

Confiscatory taxation,
Controlled Media (BBC bias anyone?
Intolerance of other viewpoints (i.e. political correctness)
Marxist class warfare agenda (foxhunting, private schools)
Ever increasing state powers (Civil contingencies act, indefinite detention of terror suspects)
etc etc etc

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