Is America (and England) a victim of "CED"?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, May 19, 2004.

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  1. Factually Prescott Bush traded with Hitler and was santioned.

    It is claimed Senator Prescott Bush (Skull & Bones member 1917, grandfather of George W. Bush) as a firm policy preached "CED" to his children: "There's three things to remember: Claim everything, Explain nothing, Deny everything."(sic)
    Might this partially explain why US Foreign policy has morphed into a tortuous nightmare where US gouls drain the good intentions and resources of "coalition" partners such as England's PM Tony Blair?
  2. Skull & Bones info link

    Not unlike the Spams to have consipracy theories at play. I don't suppose they are any worse than the masons, have little rtue impact, but lots of people like to fantasise about them being like the fictional Illuminati. I suppose blaming some faceless fabricated organisation because your life is a self-made crock or ARRSE is easier than admitting you are a trailer park inhabitant by your own failure to achieve anything notable.
  3. Let us speak of actions here. Formerly trading with the enemy (Prescott and the Nazi) and the Blowback of, as well as the, Pernicious Iraqi Adventure inself. Regardless the roots (evil, illuminati, masonic, home spun, NWO, mom's apple pie, Mein Kampf, John Denver vinyl) the actions speak loudly while the masses (sorry they are controlled to a certain extent in America by a dosile media) live in quiet desparation.
  4. Listen GQ. Im not the biggest fan of the US and I'm sure most members on here will say the same. But youre just odd and I'm sure the world you live in is as clear as a Gnu on crack whilst wearing a leather hood. We have valid points and arguments, yours are the traditional view points of a Jerry Springer guest.

    Do you think you are enlightening us with your posts and view points?

    Wrong answer, Poindexter. To us, you just a bizzare freak with no useful info so do us all a favour and sling your hook.
  5. So, do you think "CED" has anything to do with GW Bush's fecking behavior?
  6. GQ,

    Since when has TB Been the PM of England only???? He is the PM of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland!
  7. [quote="Generalquarters So, do you think "CED" has anything to do with GW Bush's fecking behavior?[/quote]

    GQ - I am trying to fathom your behaviour - crack crazed weirdo.
  8. Thanks. All of this "united" stuff (US, UK, UN, flying united and all) is hard to keep track of.

    Thanks for the correction.

    Of course he should not be "PM" of Northern Ireland (!!!!) but never mind . . .
  9. Well in the morning I am "crack" [sic] :roll:
    At tea I am "crazed" :wink:
    and at night I am a "weirdo" 8)

    So do you think there is any validity to this Bush family "CED" credo?
  10. And the United States should give back the Tribal Lands they stole from the Native Americans.

    That would be quite a bit of land, actually. Still stolen, though.
  11. Bravo_Bravo U R correct.
    Manifest Destiny, as with colonialism, is a doomed racist "policy."
  12. Interesting your avatar is david Ike, a man equally as barking mad as you :roll:
  13. Well you are not keeping up. I had to change avitar about 5 times because a certain General_quarters (crow) la corneille hijacted the show for awhile. Ikles image suits just fine though I only looked at his web site today for the first time to find some interesting images.