Is adventure training worthwhile?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by robster, Jun 14, 2005.

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  1. Come on you lot, tell me if you think adventure training is a waste of time, manpower and money. Or does it provide worthwhile training and development?
  2. gets you out of the office, drunk and if its well orgaines with r&r possibly laid! Thus very valuble
  3. Whats adventure training?

    Oh sorry its that thing they talk about when you join, then you hear others talking about it but never get to go yourself!

    Ah, the joys of working in an MDHU.

  4. Very worthwhile..................where else would you get to ride a quadbike, do some rockclimbing, abseiling, clay pigeon shooting and surfing at such a low cost? :)
  5. AT is of great value to the Services and the Army- The need for AT is:

    "An individual in today’s technological society needs the opportunity to test and challenge his basic human potential in order for the individual to realise and discover themselves. It is necessary to introduce youth to danger and adventure to provide a learning environment that would provide the moral equivalent of war. " Kurt Hahn - 1941

    Why do we do it?

    Physically, Mentally and Environmentally challenging
    Direct link to operational preparedness
    Popular with the troops
    Recruiting and Retention positive
    Extremely Good Value for Money- that is a fact!

    The Army Aim:

    To develop, through authorised challenging pursuits and within an outdoor environment, leadership and the qualities necessary to enhance the performance of military personnel during peace and war.
  6. AT places the soldier in an alien environment and shows that, with right training, right equipment, right attitude and right leadership he can survive in that environment. Follow-up AT shows that soon enough the soldier can even thrive in that environment as it is no longer an alien one. At least that was my excuse for going sailing a lot and falling out of planes even more often
  7. And you can use the brightest head torch when its dark! :lol:

    Oh and you aint gettin shot at unless you climb at the Quarries at Merthyr Tidfil! :oops: :oops:
  8. And it's a great way to piss off the civvies we work with!!!!!!!!
  9. Reply a few posts later:

    Not much of a story there - I think robster was more after a "Boozed up squaddies terrorise lake district" type of expose.

    Robster - I have participated in and delivered Adv Trg as described by Admin_Spice on many occasions. I believe it to be a key element in the personal development of an individual and is particularly suited to individuals in the armed forces.