Is about time we had a Walt Forum?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sandy_boots, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Yes - there are dozens of the blighters and they're taking over the Int cell

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  2. No - just hand them the mess Webley - job done

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  1. What with Golden, Shortt, Sir Robert Gladstone Bell, and now Major Simon St Claire should there be a dedicated Walt outing forum? Lets face it, there seems to be a new one crawling out of the woodwork every week. I think they should all be in one place where we can keep an eye on them.

    Blue Sophist and Gas Gas Gas should moderate.

    Views/comments anyone?
  2. Brilliant just brilliant
  3. Since we seem to be good at outing them, I agree.
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    We have!! It's call E-Prune
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Perhaps that whisky swilling Oirishman could moderate it, you know the one?
  6. Very good idea SB.

    It would give the issue of Walting a higher profile and would make it harder, imho, for journos to take the credit for the hard work done here on Arrse.

    It could turn out to be a good spot to begin a campaign to change the law regarding various aspects of Walting. The higher the profile, the bigger the clout.
  7. I do think there's an argument for grading walts.

    Criteria being how much it brings the army into disrepute or whether the walting is being being used for worse motives

    Something along the lines of;

    Grade One: example the fake lord and SAS officer over in North Carolina,
    No problem -leave alone, real lords seem to be doing much worse lately :D

    Grade Two: Exaggeration of service/medals Again fairly harmless.

    Grade Four: using fake war hero bit to start up outrage bus. Example
    our Ex Foreign legion ex Sgt ex L/Bdr ex disabled war hero prison officer from Blackburn. -definite outing

    Grade Five: Walting coupled with service charity. Not saying all walts in RBL (for example) are going to rip them off or that all frauds are wallts but I do have the feeling that when fraud has happened, often it's been done by someome walting up as well- Alarm bells rung- outrage bus fired up
  8. There's a good list of walt types on the ARRSE wiki which could be used as a basis for a sticky at the top of a walt forum to guide everyone and save a whole lot of time and effort.
  9. Blue Sophist and Gas Gas Gas Could moderate. CPunk has done a wonderful job and I would not want to exclude him.

    My IT dept have killed off my access via so I have to use until the sneaky software kills that too. :x
  10. Here here. Have seen first hand how difficult it is to prosecute when actual harm arises from effective walting, and the law falls far short.
  11. Agree. A walt forum would be good. Once a walt is confirmed as being a walt, he gets "sticky" status.
  12. Taking petty vindictiveness out on the sad little people who pretend to be something they're not says as much about mob mentality and the "Walt-finders" as it does about walts. There's enough walt-mania abroad on ARRSE as it is without dignifying with its own forum what can easily degenerate into small minded bullying, and the possible furtherance of personal vendettas. See the St Claire thread for an example.
  13. Collective research is just about the only way to out such slippery fish who cause genuine harm.
  14. Which is amply covered by the detailed threads on Shortt, for example. I feel that a whole forum devoted to walts would lose the focus on such "deserving" cases, and flood the tinternet with small minded bile and bullying of sad little men. Look in the NAAFI bar at the walt threads there. They should stay in the NAAFI, IMHO.
  15. Grade Three?