is a warmed up hollowed out marrow an acceptable replacement

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mucus, Jul 11, 2004.

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  1. just thought id like to get oppinions on this, personally i prefer a french stich stuffed with raw liver, any takers :twisted: :twisted:
  2. For luxury you cant beat a goat :wink:
  3. Goard I meant goard 8O
  4. Nope, I'm sure you meant goat :lol:
  5. Anything bigger or longer than a marrow? :twisted:
  6. in light of recent postings :twisted: we will soon be able to try a firemans helmet packed with swarveega :twisted: :twisted:
  7. I have heard that a Big Mac wedged beneath a toilet seat does the trick.
  8. You wanted something bigger than a marrow? Now you're happy with a Big Mac?? Make your mind up man! :wink:
  9. He meant a large Jock with his head jammed under the bog seat to prevent him escaping.

    It's legal but it aint compulsory yet. :lol:
  10. You put the toilet seat up, catch them having a drink, bash them with the toilet seat and then have fun until they wake up! :twisted: