Is a U.OCDT still officially regarded as a serving soldier

Discussion in 'OTC' started by school_for_scoundrels, May 17, 2010.

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  1. I am ex otc, but a long time ago, wait for it, the late 70`s, which must make me ancient compared to everybody else on this forum.

    Kept my certificate of discharge, sad, but true. At that time, to join the OTC you had to:
    1. First enlist in the Territoral Army Volunteer Reseve.
    2. Pass an army medical.
    3. Sign the official secrets act.
    4. Be given an army service number.
    You then :
    1. Underwent normal army basic training like any other regular or territorial army recruit albeit completed over several weekends & evenings.
    2. Were paid full rates of pay for days served.
    Upon leaving you were:
    1. Formally discharged from the army with a certificate of discharge.
    2. Once no longer in full time education liable for re-call as a reservist in the event of a national emergency. It was still the cold war era.

    Is this all still the same today ?
  2. Basically.

    Also, you would qualify for assistance from most of the major service charities (RBL/SSAFA) as their criteria is that you have been atttested and completed 7 days continuous and uninterupted service. Your first annual camp would meet that criteria.