Is a standard EMS required?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Op2death, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. One area that seems to affect the Corps, is a lack of standardisation and policy making!
    Why haven't we an engineering organisation got a standard EMS which is produced by HQ DEME(A), one that can easily be adjusted to suit the unit, one that forces continuity throughout the Corps..instead of every units EMS being different? (I spoke with an EME last year who on posting was alarmed to find that his new unit/LAD didn't even have an EMS...WTF!!!)
  2. You must be taking about my place. :lol:
  3. That's what DES2 is for?
  4. So the EMS doesn't need to be standardised then...We can all just make it up as we go along like other professional bodies???
  5. I'm led to believe that as long as you follow the guidelines within DES2, then you should be ok as far as auditing go's. I agree a one size fits all approach may be easier. I'm just not sure it would be diverse enough.
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Yes. Every unit is different, they have differing equipment, roles, operating procedures, the list goes on. DES2 allows each unit to tailor it's own EMS to its own requirements. What may be best practice for one unit may not be best practice for another.
  7. I for one feel the need for a standardised EMS and not just a guide using DES2.
    My reason is simple a standardised EMS will prevent the EMS at every unit being re-written every time the OC/ASM/AQMS changes.
    In this day and age imagine the savings to be made in Printer Toner,Paper & above all man-hours.Maybe it would allow us to get on with what we are ment to do and I qoute Monty here:
    If EMS are standard then upon Posting nothing should be strange!,instant productive management and happy worker bees.
    As EMS is a Management Tool and driven by DEME(A) maybe it could be something that the CASM could lead on.Since he is the most Senior Engineering Warrant Officer.
  8. Fugly...I dis-agree, what has the different equipment really got to do with it...Our roles and operating procedures are rarely different...Workshop procedures should be the same throughout, whether you use a piller drill or demand a spare!! Yes your mission statement or PIs might be different, but thats it really, and as for best practices...HQ DEME(A) should be pushing these across the Corps...Instead of word of mouth from unit to unit!
  9. Is this thread for real? DES covers everything a REME unit requires wrt EMS, and commanders can then tailor their METs under the guidelines contained within it. A few DEME(A)s ago, the Eng Standards was about two foot high in paper - and a lot of work went into creating the original DES in a more FHM-sized publication.

    Why should each unit have exactly the same EMS when they perform completely separate roles? Are you telling me 4Bn's mission and METs will be anywhere near 7Bn's? Units should make their own policy and METs, under the guidelines of DES - or why bother having an OC in the first place?
  10. So, your saying that the EMS should be personality driven by the Commanders,/OCs, regardless of their knowledge or experience and standardisation/continuity isn't required? Because lets face it DES2 is everything to all men and procedures like demanding a spares, filling out a 1045 at 4Bn are completely different to 7Bn?
    80% of the EMS could easily be standardised, placed on to the HQ DEME(A) website for units to select at will...How easy would that make life?
  11. That's not what I said at all. And on a separate note, any Maj that takes over a Wksp is hardly going to be 'fresh meat' and not attended a number of mandatory courses, both technical and managerial. It is not like every major personality in a REME unit changes over at the same time, with the new OC re-inventing the wheel as a matter of cause.

    But what do you standardise and what do you leave to unit policy? I think it works the way it is and a lot of work has been put into striking this balance, as I eluded to in my previous post.

    To give you a perfect example of this balance - check out the LANDSO regarding Normalisation (3409?). It doesn't go into detail about how each soldier/officer should be dealt with on return from Ops - it purposely states at the beginning of the document that the policy is deliberately flexible in order for commanders to tailor the policy to suit their unit requirements and roles.

    This is no different. I like to imagine my CO and OC have, by virtue of training and experience, earned their right to exercise their own independent judgement and policy in the best interests of their unit. Likewise, as a tiffy, I don't wish to be micro-managed in terms of how I look after my Platoon and carry out my role in accordance with the same virtues as the other 2 companies within the unit - because their roles are different. We have enough red tape as it is, without us having to look over our shoulders all the time - just to ensure I am carrying out EMS in Afghan the same as the guys out in Canada.

    Just an opinion of course.
  12. Op2Death,

    I will ask you the question that would ultimately be asked of some 'Joe' in DEME(A):

    "{Name} How would you feel about writing a standardised EMS for all units to use. Make sure of course that you survey all units, have the drafts agreed by REME Officers, and publish the final product. It should of course be slightly customisable, to allow for unit variance, oh, and all technical references should be accurate? Oh, what's that you say, you are only posted here for 2 years. Shame."
  13. Funny that, as there is someone called Joe at HQ DEME(A). Anyway as always, a fair point...and with that in mind, this Corps will never really move forward as this task is obviously impossible? Roll on the Corps getting swallowed up by the RLC and we'll all be classed as Maintenance Engineers!!!
  14. 3 and a half years on and now we have LEES instead of DES (something so important no one knew about it!!). What has been the longest/shortest EMS on record?
    The fact that a unit mentioned in the first post didn't have an EMS and was still going means how unimportant these sort of distractions really are.......