Is a Softie really that much better than an issue fleece?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. Softies look smart and i presume it's a pertex outer that would be good for being windproof - but I've got a smock for that. It would wick moisture away too if it is pertex which might be handy. Are they really that much better though? Do they pack up to half the size and weight while keeping you warmer?

    They're not particularly cheap - £60 - £80! (Ok, £32 for a surplus one on eBAY....)

    I did some comparative tests on bulk and weight with an issue fleece, an old (70's) woolly pully and a civvi "regatta" brand fleece. The Civvie one was heaviest and bulkiest, the issue fleece and woolly pully weighed the same but the woolly pully packed down smaller........

    I don't really care if this has been posted before. ;)
  2. wah shield on...they are warmer, they compress down smaller and since they are now issued wont cost u either. still not as good as a north face tho. hope this helps :)

    wah shield off
  3. Won't cost me once I get mobilised then! We don't get stuff like that on issue!

    I'll not bother for camp then and wait till I get given one. ta.

    Oh it wasn't a wah by the way.
  4. Softie! All day, worth spending money on a good one, especially if you're static for a decent while, packs smaller , keeps you drier , keeps you warmer, and you can use it as a pillow in its stuff sack if your that way inclined.
  5. ah ok. it just seems like an obvious answer. if ur bein deployed u should think about gettin a north face. expensive but well worth it
  6. When you buy a softie and use it you will wonder how you ever lived with out it. Also it is one of those peaces of kit you will use in civvy street (walking the dog fishing etc.)
  7. I love my north face- don't know whether I would take it on tour/ ex though- not tried compressing it tbh
  8. I'll bite do you mean the Nuptse jacket or some fleecy jacket?

    The issue softy is not as good as the Snugpak, I tried both out and preferred my snugpak, some Dane is wearing mine now.

    Why did the issue fleece go from dpm to green though, yes the collar has been improved.
  9. The issue softie is a snugpak. It is the Snugpak sleeka, just in a different colour. ( or colours )
  10. The issued softie is useless in my opinion. Much prefer my buffalo
  11. Get a RAB, better than a north face I reckon.
  12. I wouldn't say it's useless, I personally don't like the bulk of it and no matter what I try I keep going back to my 'smelly Helly'.
  13. hahahahha, classic line there.... I seen surplus mk6 helmets in better nick than my issued one.... joys of now being in the TA!!!
  14. I bought myself a buffalo several years back and I've used nothing else since, and as already stated they compress down to a size smaller than a land rover engine, unlike the issued fleece.
  15. Why is the issue one useless? I dont doubt that a snugpak is better allthough ive never used one myself. But the issue one kept me warm and i dont have to worry about it getting trashed. packs down fairly small. What was useless about it? Were you trying to wear the bag it comes in or something?