Is a Radeon HD 4870 good enough to run Modern Warfare 2?

I am getting one soon but have no previous experience with cards this new on the scene. This is currently being typed on a system with an X800XT, which is very old and not on the spec lists on the back of the MW2 box.

Hope someone can help on this issue.

I run CoD MW2 on a laptop HD3470, I run it at 1280x800 no problems at all.

But you need to bear the rest of your system in mind.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro with a dual-core Intel CPU, 4Gb of RAM & all running on Windows 7 64bit. I'm sure if you have the same or better, you'll have no dramas.

Yes a 4870 is strong enough to play MW2, it's a powerful card and you will be able to play every game released so far at a fairly decent framerate :).
will run it no prob, but look to the the rest of your setup to see if that needs upgrading, max mem & fast HD will help
Don't bother getting MW2 on PC... its a port from console and DRM locked so no resale value, plus all the shite from Steam. TBH you'd be better off buying a PS3 rather than expensive upkeep of a PC for games... it used to be worth the hassle, but not any longer. They're producing console games, so if you're going to play them, buy a console. Use the spare cash to buy a moosive telly.
I was thinking about getting a second hand copy from a reputable dealer, then keeping it pristine on the shelf whilst using a copy from a torrent site that has the drm crap removed, but Infinity Ward have been clever sods and tied online play to Steam. I have one of those accounts so if Steam is the only DRM on the game, I can live with it.
Then again, I may not bother.

Mind you, there are no dedicated servers for MW2, unlike Activision's own World of Warcraft, so game performance may not be as good online. :?
. I prefer buying games new or second-hand, then using an image on the hard disk and a no-cd patch to actually play the game, as these tend to be quicker than using the dvd/cd, plus resale value of the games is a lot higher if they are relatively free from scratches from being constantly taken out of box/put in dvd drive/taken out of dvd drive/being put back into box.

Im not advocating piracy, but this whole drm crap just penalises the mugs like me who actually buy the games rather than the pirates who get the sodding tings from the developers before they even go retail.

From what I am reading just now, Modern Warfare 1 seems to be easier to live with, as well as cheaper to buy new.

I dunno. still :?

Are you upgrading your existing PC with a new graphics card or getting a new PC?

If you are upgrading I would seriously consider having a look at the power supply amongst other bits. Assuming your machine is a name brand make (HP, Dell, etc.) then the original power supply is probably the minimum needed to run the machine. An upgrade to a HD4870 will need more power, you may well find it works quite well for a while but the supply will be under heavy load and may well fail at some point. If/when it does, it could take your motherboard and/or RAM and/or processor with it, costing you more in the long run.
I am in the process of very slowly upgrading. I had a hd 4760 and managed to kill it last year, and have been limping on with a X800Xt since then.
In the box I have at the moment, I have 2 gigs of OCZ ddr2 ram, and a core 2 duo E7200. The motherboard is a touch flaky but I knew that when I got it second-user on Ebay. I think the problem may be fixable using a new bios chip and they are available from the US for pennies compared to the price of a new board.

Power supply is a Coolermaster running at 650 watts. I read the reviews on that before I got it and they were mostly positive. I have had no complaints on it so far.

I think the weakest links at the moment are my optical drive and hard-disk. Neither of em are SATA, and the clutter they cause inside my case with the old ATA cables and Molex plugs is something chronic, quite apart from not being as quick as could be wanted.

Things to sort out in next upgrade I think.

And to think all this started because I wanted a few more fps in World Of Warcraft.

DRM, yes, is a bitch - but have a look at this article, with the 5th point on it and you'll see the reason why its happening more and more.


Yeah, it'll be more than enough. A useful little tool which I occasionally use is this one:

Which analyses your Hardware, and allows you to check it against most games Basic/Recommended specs. Very useful if you want to check stuff.

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