Is a Posting to Cyprus all its cracked up to be?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by catpain_slackbladder, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Thinking of putting my PPP in for Cyprus. Is it as good as it sounds?
  2. *ponders - Nisi Beach*

    Nah mate, it'll be crap!
  3. Single = No.

    Married = Maybe.

    If going on promotion = who cares?

  4. Oh hell yeah!

    Spent 3 years there. Early start but finish at half 1. Go to beach sunbath play almost any sport you like, learn a few more. Great nightlife for singlies and couples. Great family atmosphere with so much on offer. work is good too. Almost all civvie kit so a few quals thrown in just for good measure.
  5. I'm probably the wrong one to ask!! But in the summer it's great, out of season you will feel bored as there is nothing to do in the slightest!!
  6. The only time it is cold is the rainy season from Jan to April. Even then though only the beach activties stop from Dec until May. Skiing is fantastic in winter and open to anyone in Troodos. The ski slopes are mil run so no probs about getting on.
  7. If you like being ripped off at every point, (taxi's, local business, police) etcetc, if you like working with Cypriots who have no idea how to do the job and are there only because a Cyp has to fill the position despite far better dependents who are qualified.

    If you like (and family) being treated by the island as 3rd/4th class citizens

    If you like poor pay and conditions (dependents)

    If you like inadequote and unsafe housing

    If you like being tarred with the same brush as the holiday scum

    If you like high Naafi prices (higher than they normally are)

    If you like paper chasing for the smallest thing

    If you like the local police/service police to be on your back constantly for no reason, and in the case of local police to be blamed for a non-blame accident purely because you are British and the other party is Cyp

    If you like an Island that was once beautiful and is now a rubbish/building site.............

    Then you will love the Cyprus...........effing hated it when I was there in late 90's...or could you
  8. Ive worked out there four times from between 1 and 4 months.

    Once the novelty wears off its shoit and I was glad to get back everytime.

    If your happy doing all your shopping in the NAAFI then its great.

    I agree with the sporting opportunities theres some really good stuff available however i wouldnt fancy doing a couple of years there.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    If you have no imagination and expect your whole life laid before you on a plate you'll hate it.

    If you have some nouse and can get off your arrse and do something for yourself then like any other posting its great. With the added bonus of culture, cuisine, history, sport or just lazing at the beach. You can go gliding, sailing, surfing, canoeing or learn to fly a light aircraft for next to nothing. Go skiing, investigate the ruins of Salamis and surrounding areas with its associated Roman history. Visit Richard the Lion Hearts castle in the north or take in Kyrenia with is long history. All of this is withing 1 hours drive or so from each SBA.

    Or of course you can stay in the block/your quarter drinking beer and whinge that life is sh1t. Cup is half full and all that......
  10. Just about to leave, thank fcuk! Totally agree with you chimp, couldn't have put it any better myself. A total dump run by rip off merchants who treat you like scum, although they smile at you when they take your money off you for anything. Can't wait to get back to normality where the NAAFI becomes a novelty for cigarettes perhaps and not your everyday shop coz it's the cheapest on island even though the prices are hiked compared to BFG.As you can tell.......I wasn't impressed.

    The sun and the sea are a bonus, Troodos is nice to get away from the heat in the summer and to ski in the winter. Had some blazing pi$$ ups here but all in all won't be asking again!
  11. If its the shopping at the naafi that makes you so unhappy with the island then you haven't bothered to take a 15 minute drive irrespective of what camp you are on (exc Troodos) and Orphanides is there. For those who don't know - Orphanides is their equivelant of Asda except cheaper and bigger.

    The complaints about the Cyp staff are mostly true; that they aren't the best for the job but it's only the staff (most of not all) on or around the camps that are dodgy ie JAMEs Rentals in Akrotiri if it is still open. But like everything else get out of camp go different places and you will find the most accomodating people as they haven't had to put up with drunk ENGLISH yobs and appreciate any business/ tourism. Just don't go into Limassol centre for shopping!!

    Some of the guys I worked with there moaned constantly that they hated it, yet these are the guys who sat in the bar from afternoon til shutting every day. Might as well have gone to Bulford and let soemone more appreciative go there.

    As was said before if sports isn't your thing then there is so much to see and do on the island. South coas to North coast is a 2 hour drive so nothing is out of reach.
  12. I do not know which Orphanides you mean Slaughter but I can absolutely positively say that Orpanides/Chris Cash and Carry/Carrefour (all supermarkets for those not in the know) are much more expensive than any supermarket in the UK/BFG.

    I shop in the NAAFI purely and simply because it is the cheapest option on island - strangely enough. However, the NAAFI prices are artificially hiked compared to the BFG counterparts so it is expensive anyway.

    Mrs 1410 gave me an example here (and I apologise for getting all Household on readers) - Colmans Shepherds Pie mix, 65p in UK - CY£1.55 here in Orphanides (equiv to approx £1.80)! Nearly 3 times the UK price.

    So I refer back to my original post - it's overly expensive here and the Cyps enjoy taking our hard earned sheckles.

    As for the ruins/artefacts/history - fine but once you've seen it, you've seen it. Takes a lot to fill 2 years, and unfortunately Cyprus doesn't fill it.

    As for escaping to Blighty, ok GYH(O) once a year, other than that the prices are astronomical, thanks to Cypriot Airport tax currently set at CY£90 from Larnaca (as they are rebuilding it?!?).

    No, I will be happy to go (albeit with a cracking tan!!).
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    So Danny what do you consider a good posting then? And why?
  14. You have to go with an open mind, originally I was going to stay in UK when other half was posted but I went over for a visit and couldn't pack quick enough to move over there. Was in Dhekelia and had a fantastic house with amazing views over Larnaca Bay. True the few winter months were awfull but the rest of the year made up for it. So many opportunities to take up new hobbies and the night life is great, so many good restaurants etc. Although some of the people I worked with spent all their time whinging. I never once came back to England while we were there but funny how so many of my family deceided to vist us though!!!!!
  15. What you say is true Ordsgt - but as previously stated, once seen...... I done all those you mentioned above - apart from learning to fly, but you still cant get away from the fact that you are screwed every way you turn by the locals, yes there may be many nice cyp's about, but being nice to your face and stabbing you in the back when you turn away is another thing. I wanted to work when I was out there and eventually got a job in TPMH, but the hassle to get the job because I was British wanting to work in a British Hospital was unbelieveable, this tainted my perception from the start, Cyp work ethos is non - existant, despite some of them being NICE, The Police ARE corrupt to the core (cyp ones that is) and the RMP/RAF plods only want a pound of your flesh because they have nothing else to do.

    The island is a pig sty - Your rubbish is collected at the same time as your re-cycling stuff and funnily enough dumped in the same hole - what is the sense of that................ I have very bitter memories of that Island and its a shame as I love History - the only good thing I CAN say about it is that you can get to Egypt and Israel plus Jordan very easily and they are worth visiting.