Is a policy of HM goverment in Afghanistan right?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. I would like to initiate a thoughtful discussion about Afghanistan.

    Should the UK have its own position toward Afghanistan? Or follow American policy?

    What is a goal of the war in Afghanistan? Is Afghan problem mainly military or political one? Are negotiations with Taliban possible?

    Please, answer these questions and add your ones.

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  3. we have a policy? no offence to the lads on the ground but hopefullynot a shotfireddid'nt really worktowelldid it
  4. Goatman, on another thread essetially the same questions (as my ones) were hold by (allegedly) BBC's journalist and most of replays are being concentrated around causes of the interest and causes of not to answer.

    So I answer your question. Initiating this thread I tried to help our friend Jonathan and (as he) I'm interesting in answers.

    Returning to the theme I would like to express my own vision. It is a right time to negotiate with Taliban. For many reasons it would be a hard decision for our American friends. And British diplomacy could lead the process.

    If Taliban agrees not to support international terrorism in any form then what would be a problem with this organisation?
  5. Before I vote, can someone tell what the government's policy is in Afghanistan? I'm not being silly, thick maybe, but I am unaware that we have a policy.
  6. It may be better to post some well informed information on UK foreign Policy - Southern Afghanistan before getting people to vote.

    I see last years campaign in Afghanistan as a sad success. We come out on top at the end of the year but at a high price. Hopefully this year we see more of the dramatic footage of the battlegroup getting stuck in but less of the "A Tragic death" type headlines.

    What is your opinion on the policy? What do you "think" the policy is?
  7. I find it dificult to believe we will have the long term political will to stay the course for what's reported to be a requisite 10 to 20 years, especially if a major ally such as the Canadians pulls out.

    However, I'm not sure what the answer is, mainly because, like most of the rest of the UK, I don't know what our policy regarding 'Stan actually is and what results will be regarded as a 'victory'. Perhap something similar to the 'victory' in Iraq maybe?
  8. Sadly we don't win wars anymore. We just walk off with a smug grin on our faces knowing we earn't more LSSA days and got some gucci photo's.

    Ask the RUC (Sorry PSNI) What they think of the state of NI!
  9. We're actually not doing much in Afghanistan, because our force is so small. It's really hard to swallow, but HM's army will only play a supporting role for the foreseeable future.

    I don't really see the Taliban as a threat. They are getting butchered left and right. They are crude and bumbling.

    The problem, as it always has been, is the duplicity and extremism in Pakistan, which has a population 7 times of Afghanistan.
  10. Sergey, I was going to post a thoughtful and pertinent response to your first question
    until I realised that the UK doesn't have consistent policy with itself, let alone with the US.

  11. We should of course follow Russia's policy in Chechnya - plow 40% of the population into the ground (literally), bomb the cities to **** (and then rebuild a city centre for propaganda) and then lie through the teeth about casualties and the absymal performance of our soldiers, who had been sacrificed on the altar of unimaginative generalship and corruption.
  12. Far from clear to me what HMG policy foreign policy is anywhere beyond suck up to the yanks and get the foundations of a retirement lecture circuit built.
  13. If it took us 30 years to pacify a tiny region just next door, why criticise the Americans for tardiness in leading an effort into only its 6th year to pacify a 25 million strong nation 10,000 km from home?

    The Indians need a six-figure army to control 6 million strong Kashmir on its border, NATO is using only 30,000 for a country many times in size and population in a totally foreign region. Where does all this whining come from???
  14. The original war aim was to make sure that Al-Qaeda was no longer able to operate from Afghanistan. This has been largely successful although the problem has to some extent been displaced as now the core AQ group is operating in the AFG/Pakistan badlands, albeit with a much reduced capability.

    Now the focus of the war has shifted to extending the actual (rather than nominal) rule of the government in Kabul across the whole country, in order to make sure that AFG does not relapse and once again become a base for AQ or related groups.

    This is a much more difficult task and HMG seriously underestimated the problems in extending Kabul's writ into the southern provinces. We got sidetracked into issues like destroying the poppy crops and were not tough enough on corruption in our allies. The muddled thinking on opium production is a classic case - we were told beforehand by press spokesmen that the British Army would not engage in poppy eradication. In fact, of course, the Army provides protection while the ANA does the dirty work - the effect is the same: lost livelihoods, angry farmers, increased support for the Taliban.

    I think the HMG view is that "victory" will be achieved if ANA and police have control of the southern provinces and local government is able to function without needing a heavily-armed Coalition presence. And yes, that'd be years and years.

    PS. I'm not an expert but you did ask!
  15. Ahh! you're working for the Beeb hacks now Sergey?