Is a CMT as good as a navy MA.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by captain.j, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. I was talking with a 'fat jack' type tonight who tells me that he was reliably informed by one of his instructors at Keogh that the navy dumbed down the MA course to accomodate the army CMT. He claims that it takes 17 CMT's to equal 1 MA.

    Perhaps he means combined weight? lol
  2. MA's have the advantage that they will most likely be employed at trade actually coming into contact with patients and the ones i've worked with have been more skilled and knowledgable about their trade than CMT's, who spend all day explaining that "basically i'm the same as a paramedic"

  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    A Navy MA will always be superior to a CMT, the MA's have been managed, trained, deployed and utilized better than the CMT ever have.

    The MA's responsibilities are 10 fold of that of a CMT, to the point were they have the 'ear' of the ship's Captain in an emergency situation. You would never see a CMT getting that power.

    There is no comparison.
  4. Fcuk me, are CMT's really that bad?? 8O

    I know of a CMT who left to become a matelot and he was thick as mince. I just thought he was the exception!
  5. You have to understand that CMTs and MAs are designed for completely different roles.

    CMTs will typically work within an evacuation chain confident in having a fairly realistic expectation of having their casualty taken off their hands at some point withing a few hours at the most. Their day-to-day responsibilities in a med centre or Fd Hosp are fairly non-clinical and any clinical contact they have is, now at least, heavily supervised. You can still get that day-to-day stuff in, but it all depends on if your MO is willing to allow it. Most clinical stuff is now carried out by nurses, although CMTs are still trained in many areas.

    An MA has broader medical responsibilities that include, in some areas, the general health of the crew (if there's no surgeon available). They may also be required to care for and maintain a casualty for much greater periods of time, often days, before the casualty can be evacuated. Some MAs on submarines have a health and safety duties as well which gives them additional responsibilities.

    The expectations on an MA are much greater as are the requirements, but that doesn't mean a CMT isn't fit for the role they're asked to provide.
  6. Chalky has hit the nail on the head, completely different services. CMT's and MA's are poles apart in there roles. MA's like Chalky said have a greater responsibility within the clinical governance realm. CMT's work on a completely different frequency, the only thing that remains the same for both is the treatment of casualties/patients, equipment and correct documentation of recieved treatment.

    But the MA has the advantage of being taken seriously, unfortunately the rest of the British Army only pays lip service to the role of the medic and only when they get things horribly wrong do they pay attention to the role of the medical chain!

    Like Ventress said an MA has the ear of the captain, thats just common sense. There are too many pompous fools in the RAMC that are so far up their own hoop that just maybe the medic has got it right, and if they do get it right the pompous gits tend to claim the reward for it.

    If I had to make a choice as to who I wanted to be treated by.............

    ..............sorry to say but the MA will win nearly every time!!
  7. On my Common Core, the RN MAs were all thick as sh!t & the Army average score must have been at least 10% higher than theirs, despite the fact that the had a an ex CMT in their ranks.

    If us thicko CMTs need tests dumbing down then I don't know how that lot would have fared in the old MA system. :roll:
  8. As long as it didn't involve having to wait for them to arrive at the scene.

    Maybe i have been unlucky but, i have as yet to meet a navy MA that could pass an Army BCFT not including of course, those who have done their Commando trg.

    No good being a fantastic medic if your casualty is dead because you've taken an age to drag you lard arse to his position.....!
  9. how many times will the average cmt need to comlete an 8 mile tab to get to his patient?
  10. not many ships a maile n a half long!
  11. Depends how bad the patient thinks the CMT is, really. :)
  12. Which CMTs'?

    MA's have more training and practical hands on experience then CMTs! When CMTs are posted out of Keogh, MAs are still there for months after doing time in hospitals etc!

    End product may be better then a CMT but that doesnt mean CMTs dont have the potential to do the MAs job if they had the equivalent training!! On my common core course the army faired very well against the RN and RAF! Top 10 slots were mainly CMTS and bottom 10 mainly RN and RAF! No disrespect to the MAs outhere!

    CMTs may describe to others their job as being similar to a paramedic as this is the nearest civvie equivalent! So they can understand!!! Most try and clarify that there is a big difference though!!

    Who have you been talking to?

    CMTs are as a group less able to provide the same service as an MA due the above factors and odd numb nut but there are individual CMT's out there who are the dogs boll**ks!!

    Give CMT's a break! They deserve it!!
  13. How many flights of stairs are there from the bottom of a ship to the top and vice versa???
  14. sorry, but i think CMT is the most pointless trade in the army.
  15. Thats where we have to disagree whitey because I always thought the fella that issued you your rations had the most pointless task going!