Is a battery a battery when it has no guns

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ibbo, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. So I did Larkhill this weekend (still as bloody cold as i remebered it) did a 52 bty reunion and was not supprised to find the battery was earmarked for the chopping board.

    But many a man has thrown his two pence worth in and the battery has been given another lease of life as a signals outfit (some jazzy OP stuff methinks).

    Gone now are the GUNS that define who we are/were can a battery claim to be a battery if it has no guns. Sounds more like a sigs detachment.

    Anyway the lads from 52 are all as usual the cheery drinkers they ever was.


  2. I managed 12 years in without once working within a gun regt let alone an gun bty, was I not in the artillery then ?

    I understand the sentiment but teh RA has a history of non gun units
  3. 94 :?:
  4. I dont see why not, after all, naval shore establishments are still classified as HMS.
  5. Hmmm...batteries aren't batteries without guns, eh? Contentious stuff - particularly when the Depth and AD losers get a hold of this - none of them have guns... :D

    IMHO the following individual specialist Batteries are still very much members of the Arty family, and they don't have guns:

    160 Spec Wpns Bty RA (The Golden Bullet) - remember them! :D
    94 Loc Bty RA
    148 Cdo NGFO Bty RA
    4/73 Spec OP Bty RA

    There are many, many more.
  6. STA Batteries may not have any guns, but they are valuable assets to have in the Gunners. Just because it doesn’t go bang, doesn’t mean its less important than Guns or any other piece of Arty kit.
  7. Just say you lost them.
    We'll understand.
    Sticky :D
  8. :wink:

    and 32 and 5

  9. ahem that will be Regiment dear fellow

    oh and 94 techincally did have guns as 5 Bty (later 19/5) was part of it
  10. Cheers Welly Bloke - I realised my mistook and thought 'No-one will be so sad as to pick me up for it' - silly me.
  11. Captain Pedantic strikes again

    Actually that should be "Has struck again"
  13. Do gate guards and borrowing the odd 25pdr for ceremonial purposes count?

    :twisted: :lol:

    and anyway, weren't batteries once called companies in the royal regiment???
  14. i was in AD and now in STA and i think just cozwe didn;t have guns we were and are a asset the guns