Is 7 years too long to be a LCpl?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by mnemonic, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. Yes, poke some chests!

  2. No, it's just one of those things.

  3. Stop sulking, deal with it, and try harder!

  1. Clean record, outstanding CRs for past three years, bags of extra duties and representative sports, yet 7 years as a Lance Jack. Shurly shome mishtake? Should I be worried something is not quite right, and start chest poking? Or is this quite normal, and just "one of those things"?
  2. Yup! You are one shite soldier. Transfer to the RLC - you'll be a stripey in a matter of days.
  3. Are you sure you're in the Int Corps? Even linguists don't do that long as a lance jack.......
  4. Just think, someone you know, who joined after you were promoted to Lance Jack, is a full screw now.

    I think that about sums it all up.

    You're a w*nker.
  5. Look around you and compare with your peer group - if you were as outstanding as your post says you are you wouldn't need to ask the question.

    You are either a liar/in another corps or have already been promoted beyond your ability if you can't work that out.

    Or I am a victim of a wah....whatever I am over it.
  6. What are you not telling us. Because if what you have said in your post is true the you would have come of the board this year.
  7. It's sometimes worse in the RLC. The average time to full screw in my old trade was 12-14 years!*
    Pioneers is sometimes much worse!

    *Of course the MRO road shows would still claim that 6 years was the norm. An interview with them often revealed the truth.
  8. Could just about conceivably be a Sgt...

    Mate you need to be honest with yourself - those 3 outstanding CRs for example - if they were really as outstanding as you suggest then you should be surprised you were not promoted, but look at them in more detail. Are they just 'good' CRs which actually grade you in the middle (or lower) 3rd or even just not near enough the top of the top third of your battalion?

    If you want find out what's going wrong speak to (don't chest poke) your boss and ask for some frank advice...
  9. Far to long.. get asking questions, dont' forget to question yourself!!!! min' full screw by now..why have'nt you asked them before now? move your backside and be assertive. If you get no joy move or sign off

  10. Could just about conceivably be a Sgt...

    Funny you should say that! To clarify:

    1. I'm not a liar, or in another Corps, or promoted beyond my ability -according to my CRs.

    2. Have been in top third of unit for past 3 CRs.

    3. Last CR, boss' insert made clear he found it "hard to believe LCpl ******** hasn't been promoted yet" and found me "more than capable of doing the job of a Sgt, let alone Cpl"

    4. CR before that stated verbatim that I should be promoted.

    5. Have talked to RCMO and boss, but told "just keep at it" every year.

    6. Can't sign off, have wife and two kids. Need job of £28k plus to make it possible!

    For those who offered constructive advice, thanks.
  11. Well if that's the case all I can suggest now is that you find yourself a posting which either offers you a better chance to show off your skills or a new specialisation to round off your career profile more than it already is... The RCMO may well have pointed you in a couple of new directions?
  12. Yes it is.

    Speak to the Pl Sgt/CSM and arrange an interview with the OC. Find out where you came on the last promotion boards (I take it you are qualified for promotion?). Ask him what you need to do to get promoted and make sure your PDR file has a record of the inteview and what was said.

    Remember to keep your MPAR - take note of the advice within it and work to it, also seek an interview with the RCMO to preliminarily sound him out about a transfer.

    It may be the case that you have reached your ceiling in your current CEG, or that you are just not exhibiting the qualities required for promotion in that particular area of the army. Remember the army is pretty big, and if you cannot make it in one area of the army (for whatever reason), then you may be able to make it somewhere else.

    Oh.... and forget the RLC - unless you are want to be of the ammunition guys, or a marine engineer, the promotion is pretty slow.
  13. you a darksider or lightsider

    within reason what unit you in, ie Bn (obviously persec allowing)
  14. Either your a complete social hand grenade and a complete nobber, or someone doesnt like you..............

    as per the earlier post - i think you should do one, either way