Is 5 RIFLES the best battalion of the RIFLES

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by stallion_max, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. Just curious.... from a proud rifleman
  2. No best - they're just different.
  3. Not that I've bothered to read anything else, but thanks to this thread 10% of everything you've ever written on ARRSE is wank.
  4. Young man; post less, think more.
  5. Well you've just reduced their reputation.....
  6. I have just been posted from 1 Rifles but have mates in all, Yes I did say mates hard to believe I know, they seem to sound the same, all with there own role, as we have been formed from superb regiments the maning and there atitueds are the same. The question witch is the best battalion you wont get a proper reply as we all are Extremely loyal to the battalion we are posted to, so in my case it's got to be 1 Rifles, "LOL" Swift and Bold
  7. All you stop snorting coke... 1st & 7th are the best!... ignorant FOOLS!!!
  8. Youre all family.

  9. Have 5 Rifles done a Herrick tour as a battalion?
  10. Definitely. 7th must be the best with a fine man like yourself training their recruits.
  11. I think you will find it a five way draw including 1,2,3 & 4,
  12. How many of 1st are now commando trained? I've seen a lad in town in a hybrid Rifles/Commando type t shirt and desert boots, the ******* wierdo :)
  13. No - they are Armoured Infantry and as you know we only have a handful of Warriors in theatre.
  14. Formed from superb regiments did you say.................................D and Ds, when have they ever been described as a superb regiment.
  15. Back to the D and D slagging are we? and what was your original capbadge matey?

    We are all infantry soldiers, we are all trained at the same place by the same people, all the officers are trained at Sandhurst by the same people so how can there be so much difference between Bns from whatever capbadge! The people were from Devon or Dorset and joined their local Infantry Regiment just like you who are obviously from Yorkshire so you joined your Local Infantry Regiment there is no difference.

    I have worked with people from all three of the Battalions that formed your Regiment on courses, at the ITC and various other stages of my very long career - I've even trained people from your capbadge, there were some absolute tossers and some really top blokes (some of whom I'm still in touch after 15 years).

    Slagging other units off was something people used to do years ago when people used to comment on how many they had lost in Northern Ireland - absolute bloody ignorance and it's about time backward thinking ejits actually realised this.

    Oh and Max - there isn't any difference except for the role - from another proud Rifleman