Is 44 too old to transfer to Para?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by WhiteHorse, May 22, 2010.

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  1. Well is it? 24 years in, fancy a change!
  2. Its called "doing a Kurtz".
  3. A man I know is re-joining the TA's as a Para, hes doing something called P-company which is apparently a tough course and he is 38/39.

    If you have the fitness to pass it then go for it, good luck :D
  4. An Ex Coldstreamer i iknow has done P Coy(T.A) and passed at 40.So fill yer boots mate.
  5. If you're fit and can keep up with the kids half your age, then rock out. I just hope this is not a whim brought on by mid-life crisis;it'll all end in tears if that's all this is. :p
  6. "They must have thought he was one far-out old man; the next oldest guy on the course was 10 years younger than him...I did when I was 20 and it damn near killed me." 8)
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    No, as long as you can pass P Coy.

    If I recall correctly you are R Sigs, so stand by for rapid demotion (if rank held) unless you have the relevant infantry course qualifications and experience. You will need to pass CIC unless you have done so at some other stage in your TA career.
  8. Is it the same for officers!
  9. Knew a RE officer who came over to the Infantry (not Para though). He was a Capt, but still had to do PCBC. Kept his rank though and slotted in as 2ic.

    edited to add: what is it with Scaleys and jumping ship? Seen a few come over to the battalion recently.
  10. Goout an buy yourself a Porsche man, its a far easier way to go through a midlife crisis than what you are thinking of!
  11. Probably something to do with TA R SIGS being shite, I expect.

    The recruiting advert goes something like "Do something different with your weekend! Do loads of PT and train to use obsolete comms equipment from the 1960s. Then go on tour and find out that despite having done 3 weeks worth of trade courses, you have absolutely no idea how to do your job, as BOWMAN hasn't been invented in the TA yet"

    I think it goes like that...
  12. Yes.

    You're an old fcuker and would be better advised to be checking the price of Stannah stair lifts, mobility scooters and funeral plans. Just deal with it.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    As an officer you would be required to pass P Coy before we would accept your transfer papers. You need to get your unit to support you through P Coy, and can transfer once you have passed the course as we have had too many come over and view the build up training as a little bit beneath them. The subsequently fail, and the admin burden is a pain.

    Believe it or not we are currently overburdened with officers (certainly dahn sarf anyway) , so we have no PiDs for them during training.

    You will need to attend PSTC and/or CATAC as an essential to hold on to your rank. At 44? Possible but not looking great to be honest.
  14. Ah well, just have to stay where I am. Thanks for all the replys, after a spell in Helmand I thought I was unbeatable.
  15. Could it be IEDs?