Is 30 too old to go into the army and become a remedial instructor?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by sprint81, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. Is 29/30 next month too old to try and become a remedial instructor in the Army. I know you have to serve with another regiment for two years and get selected.

    Any information would be appreciated


    Sprint 81
  2. What is your background,
    Firstly join up, trade trg etc, posted to first unit, apply for AAPTI Cse, complete cse, gain gym experience, gain AT quals MLT, kayak, RCP, CLM, get recommended to go on selection, then aim to pass 1st time, loaded on Probs cse, 9 months, recommended to attend RI Cse @ Headley Court, 6 months cse, posted to first unit, realistically taking about 3 years minimum, RAPTC require a minimum return of service of 12 years, so if you ticked all the boxes they would take you.
  3. thanks for the info muscle buster. I have a sports science degree, I ave trained/competed in athletics to a high level, trained for rugby novice, I have various coaching qualifications, athletics, gymnastics etc and am currently doing some work experience in fitness first..
    12 years seems like a long time but Im sure I would get alot from it
  4. Another suggestion would be RAF Ped Officer, quicker better pay and your the boss
  5. You might be lucky in one of the corps, but don't expect to be pulling the skank like the rest of them. The quickest way to be passed off remedial is to shag the instructor, everybody knows that.
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  7. Not a problem. There are many females on todays modern remedial programs (so I am led to believe). The PTIs job is to pass them, this can either be done on fitness merits or complimentary blow jobs (this I am also led to believe). My point is that now you are 30, fitness training might for them be a better proposal than sucking yer dick, (but I might be wrong).
    Good luck and let us all know how yer get awwn. (piccys as well).
  8. U need to stay off the crack cocaine, the Military does test.........
  9. Roll me a couple of whatever you're smoking.
  10. For yr info RI's are now known as ERI's or officially JSERI's (Joint Service Exercise Rehabilitation Instructors)
  11. They are called ERI's to better reflect the job that they actually do, which isn't Remedial trg (hence dropping the remedial instructor title!). Remedial trg being associated with fitness test failures & fatties! Exercise rehab instrs are part of the medical chain & work closely with Physios and Doctors and often consultants especially at Headley Court. Regionally there are lots of rehab units across the triservice community. RRU's are similair to Headley in that they run courses, PCRFs are are located at specific units or garrisons & provide primary care! ERI's work in both. To do the course you must be a full-time PTI in one of the 3 services including the RM (part of the Navy He He!). Unit AAPTI's cannot attend the course. The RAF & booties have Cpls do the cse but are acting Sgts while attending the course. The Army are all Sgts in the RAPTC, occasionally SSGTs are aloud on. The Navy are all POs.
  12. 30yrs is leaving it a bit late if yr not already serving! Muscle buster has given you some fairly good advice, but if yr determined to join RAPTC as an ERI it would be at least 5 years minimum (& thats flying!) but probably more like 8-10 yrs serving is more realistic unless the RAPTC has changed its recruiting & are trying to fast track potential candidates from other Corps & Regiments. The RAPTC is after selecting potential senior NCOs capable of fitting in at any unit & holding their own! Therefore you'd need the necessary background & knowledge of working in the wider Army before transferring. Return of service on transferring to RAPTC is 4 years and as a newly qualified ERI you'd be expected to do 2 tours in role before going back to mainstream. I cannot remember if there is a return of service as an ERI. As far as I know it is the only 6 month specialist course that you don't get specialist pay for & therefore you will be on the lowest pay band & the same as all PTIs (tri-service). As you already have a sports science degree I would go for RAF PEdO (officer) occasionally officers from this branch are allowed to do the 6 month ERI cse, usually if they have been nominated as a future OC of the school. The RAPTC do not have direct entry officers! Your other option would be to gain a BASRAT sports rehab degree & apply to an approved agency to work as an ERI locum within the MoD. You'd be a civilian but doing the job without going through all that stuff that we all did at 17/18!! Why not go for yr Physio degree and go for a commission as a PQO with the RAMC or RAF who are now recruiting! Hope this info helps. Yours in rehab. X-swords