Is 29 too old to apply for aircraft tech

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by chrispito, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I have been trawling through some of the threads regarding joining up and the REME. I am 29 years old and through circumstance I now have the opportunity to join the army. I have always been interested in the army and like the idea of a career and lifestyle the army can offer.

    I am a university graduate with a degree in healthcare (not my first choice but felt the need to go to uni)

    Now that the opportunity has come for me to apply I am really considering it applying for aircraft technician and have looked through the army job website and also through arrse. This appeals to me because I can get a good decent trade and the fast track to promotion if I achieve the required standards is also appealing. I have done as much research as possible and will be going to the careers office on Monday to get some further information.

    I am posting this on here as I know it can be brutally honest so here goes.

    Is 29 a bit too late to apply for aircraft tech?

    Will I be able to do a full 22 year service?
  2. I'm 25...And going for VM...But am already a Mechanic..But im sure its up to the age off 33 as long as you meet the required criteria!
  3. You'll be fine.
  4. will I still be able to do the full 22 years service if I join at 29. I understand the intake will not be until this time next year so I'll be 30 by then.
  5. yes
  6. As long as you are enlisted before your 33rd birthday you are fine :)

    we no longer have a '22' year career, you now sign up for a minimum of 4 years service but on a 12 year contract, that means if you leave at your 4 year point you have 8 years reserve liability, meaning if we are short of your trade we can call you back in certain circumstances (normally war time).

    If you continue to serve beyond the 4 year minimum service, providing you are fit and healthy and still wanted ;) you will be given the opportunity to extend your 12 year contract another 12 years, effectively giving you what we call a full career, this can also be increased close to the 22 year point in increments up to a full 37 year career or age 55 which is the maximum you can serve to.

    A bit long winded but that should answer all your questions :)
  7. Under the rules for the new pension scheme, you have to serve for a minimum of 18 years in order to receive the intermediate pension, or until you are 40 years old. So, if you joined at 30, and extend as described above, then you can retire at 48 with the intermediate pension. Unfortunately, even as an Air Tech, you would have to be going some to achieve WO1 by the 18 year point!

    Obviously, if you serve for less than 18 years, you will still have earned the pension but will not be able to draw it until you are 60.


    Edited because I got the pension calculation wrong!

  8. Thanks for the responses they have been a great help.

    I’m just slightly confused though. If I can quote your response

    “Even as an Air Tech, you would have to be going some to achieve WO1 by the 18 year point!”

    Why would you have to achieve this rank by the 18 year point?

    If I managed to be successful and get in at 30 years of age then, would I be able to stay until 52 years of age giving a full 22 year career and full pension. Have I understood this correctly?

    any PM would be helpful regarding this.