Is 27 too old?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by woozieuk1, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. I am going to star my basic up in Pirbright the Janaury and as a 27 year old guy I have a few concerns.....

    1. Do you think that i am too old?

    2. I have chosen sp observer as my first choice and does anyone have any firthand insight they could offer?

    3. Is stregth training more or less important than cardio?

    4. How many to a room?

    5. Is sp observer a good challange and a good career/

    Any advice would be appreciated!!!
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Go for it mate, I was on the OPs a while back and the buzz is stimulating to say the least, you do combined ops, tend to stay in the field more but your age will make you more experienced, one thing always sticks in my mind and that is the older you are you understand that pain hurts more so you tend to err on the side of caution :wink:
  3. I'm 26 and I'm joining the Infantry. Did my selection at glencourse recently and start basic at catterick in feb.

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  4. thanks guys for the speedy replies.

    can you tell me more about the training you go through to be come a sp obsever?

    In regards to the fitness levels what can you compare it to? i am fit, can do 70 push ups and 60 sit ups in two minutes. Also my mile and a half is 11 mins (I am a big guy).

    I want to get as much REAL info as possible from the guys who have been there and done it so to speak.

    Once again cheers guys

  5. Her is an answer to a couple of your questions

    1. I went through basic at the age of 32 and no im not a re entrant. So if i can do it then you should be able to do it no problem.

    3. Consantrate on on Cardio as there is some BIG hills at the back of Pirbright and you will be running up and down them.

    4. The rooms room are broken down to 10 man rooms that are again broken down 1x 4 man and 2 x3 man (if i remember rightly) areas in the new blocks, that are across from the scoff house.

    Good luck
  6. wow 32 years old hey? Thats great work mate well done. What made you choose to enlist rather than a few years ago?

    What was the hardest part of Phase 1 for you? Clearly being a few years older will have its advantages and dissadvantages?

    good points? negative points? What is the best bit of info that you would have liked to have know BEFORE you went in?
  7. There was quite a few reasons. The main 1 was that they raised the recruitment age to 33 last year, also dead end job, life going no where etc.
    Also it was something that i allways wanted to do.

    the hardes part for me was that my troop comander told me in no uncertan turms that certain aspects of tha army thought i was too old. Not sure if he tryed to get to me by saying this or it was reverce physollagy (??)

    The good thing was due to my age my section Comander pritty much left me alone (thats not saying that your section commander will). Disadvantage was i had some fcuk wit's in my troop and we constantly got fragged cos of them.

    I read everything that i could get my hands on tho do with the army. Books on Afghan, Iraq, differnent regts, the whole works. So i came en unlike a lot of youg lads, with my eyes open.
  8. so did you do much training before you got there? In regards to the others, how fit and prepared were they?

    I have been reading as much as i can and getting mentally prepared already.

    How did the other recruit treat you as you are older? I could imagine that they (after a while) went to you for help, and if they did, di that put more pressure on you and make life harder?
  9. Was running most days. As im over 30 i have 11 mins to pass my run and had less sit ups and press ups to do.

    I was lucky as ther was a lad around your age who was ex TA in my room. He was room leader, so that took alot of pressure off me. A couple of the lads did come to me but it was more for stuff that was happening out side that in training. But no i was'nt under anymore stress that anybody else if any thing cos of my age i was copeing with it better thatn a lot of the young lads.
  10. cheers for the info again.

    what are you doing now in the Army? what was the average fitnes level f most recruits and how much did they improve and how quickly?
  11. woozie - check your personal messages
  12. Its not too old but if you want to join Special OP's then you need to get your Mile and Half down to 9 minutes comfortably!! They are a very fit bunch, boot fitness is also massively important, Hope this helps