Is 23 too old for a career in the infantry?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Brann, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Some of you will notice i already have another thread,but after the reply from 'putteesinmyhands' (cheers for replying) i now have another question!
    I will be 23 in october, is this too old for career in the infantry? Also what's the highest rank i can expect to reach after starting so late?

    Cheers again!
  2. Upper age limit for entry into the Inf is 25 I believe so no reason why you can't join. You may find you're age (And maturity) may be beneficial when it comes to promotion and providing you are physically fit, then the rigours of the job shouldn't provide too much of a distraction!

    As for promotion, the better you can kiss arrse... the further you will advance!! :lol:
  3. Joining at 23 will actually put you ahead of the competition in regards to promotion as you will be seen as more mature then the teenagers and in an age bracket of the more senior toms. Many join the infantry in their twenties, some alot older then 23 (from the TA). You will reach the rank you probably deserve. Age won't hold you back at all.
  4. To add to the previous two comments your 22 years is not based on age, so as long as you have strength in your legs...
  5. I'm 25 mate and haven't been in the least bit dissuaded from joining the Infantry by the recruiting staff.
  6. Just to clarify:

    I did mention that 23 was not too old to join. But Brann needs to consider that he'll be amongst the eldest of his peers. He'd also find that many of the JNCOs would be younger than him. This can be a bitter pill to swallow, so it's best to be aware of this.

    With regard to promotion, my comments in the previous thread related to the difference between Infantry and RE. The infantry has relatively few appointments on the way up the ladder, and a lot of people hoping to fill them as they become vacant. The RE, on the other hand, has gazillions of appointments and plenty of opportunity to fill them.

    Now, it's up to the Infantry to put forward their advantages. I could mention a few, but as I moved over to the Dark Side of the Force a while ago....
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You could be positive and say that with the retention rates in the infantry being what they are, if he hangs on past the 4 year point he could have a clear run at it!

    My 2 penneth, I would much prefer a sensible slightly older tom with a bit of general experience than an 18 year old with a lot of growing up to do. That said, they grow up fast, and not all 23 year olds are sensible!

    I had toms join my platoon in the mid to late 20's and the difference in character was noticable.
  8. I think once you get to your unit you will have a big advantage over your younger oppos. However the only problem being you might have difficulty in training being stuck in a 10 man room with a load of immature 17/18 year olds but there will be others in the same boat as you. Good luck
  9. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    One of the best Cpls I've had joined older than 23. Ripped through to Sgt with a good head on his shoulders and loads of life experience, and has just started 2 years in America to slow him down a bit.

    You'll probably feel a bit frustrated in Basic surrounded by spotty little oiks, but should shine.

  10. I should'nt think you'd have any drama's Mate,but when you reach your Bn try not to lose your rag when a 19yr old Lance Jack is taking you on area cleaning and making you pick up other people's fag butt's,if you can manage that you've cracked it :D
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I joined up at 17 left at 26 joined TA at 32
    They sent me back to basic training was the eldest there had no probs
    Went to Iraq at 34 as a trooper
    I was the same age as the troop 3 bar who ended up Staff Cpl by end of tour.
    I was treated like any other trooper did areas, top cover etc had no problems with it the only drama I had was getting my fitness back but once I got into the swing of it everything came good.
    You will meet 18 year old tw4t$ and you will meet 30 year old tw4t$ just like any other walk of life the army is no different
    Best quote I heard was from a 25 year old TA trooper
    '' He spoke to me like I was some sort of fooking Trooper ''
    Answer '' Thats because you are ''
    If you want it and you can get in go for it theres nothing better honestly and ENJOY