Is 20:20 needed to become a pilot??

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by 1140_Sqn, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Im thinking about becoming a pilot in the AAC, is 20:20 eye sight 100% needed??

    anyother tips are most welcome!!


  2. I think your allowed to take the eye test with your glasses. You would then be given contact lenses if your successful.
  3. Don't eat yellow snow :plotting:
  4. Don't bottle out at your decision height :plotting:
  5. If the enemy are in range, so are you! :sweatdrop:
  6. What's your IAM size? You'll need a big IAM if you want to be a pilot.
  7. Speed with attitude, height with power, and keep it straight with the effing pedals.
  8. Very true!!! I found it hard to keep the hight with power in my 0hrs 05mins of solo flight in a glider though. Maybe thats why it was only 5mins. :(
  9. ... and don't forget - "Look well ahead".
  10. Which is where the 20:20 vision comes in handy, I reckon.
  11. I'd never thought of it that way, but I suppose that would be the reason ;)
  12. Poor eyesight didn't stop a good buddy of mine become an ACM, followed a few years later by bluffing his way through the APC. Shooting finals was a bit of a laugh; he'd lower his guide-dog out the door, when the lead went slack he'd know it was time to land.
  13. Don't eject over an area you have just bombed.
  14. Yes I believe 20:20 is a pre-requistite to being aircrew, even in the gayer services like the RAF. I got turned down for aircrew at my medical.

    "Take your spectacles off and read the chart on the wall opposite", he said, i liked the way he said 'spectacles' made me tumescent.

    "What chart ?" said I in a comical Benny Hill moment, the nurse was a lesbian from Doncaster - had a hare lip, pigeon chest and a cauliflower ear. would have made a good casserole rather than a medic.