Is 148 Bty now All Arms?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by KnifeFightingMonkey, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. I only ask as I was approached by one of the Toms in my troop.

    To cut a long story short he has done P Coy but not managed to get a place at our Airborne Sqn (it happens). He has had a look about for an alternative and come across 148 Bty.

    I'm pretty sure I understand the role of the Bty and all that but I thought it was RA only and can't find anything on DII. Before I go off on wild goose chase trying to help him can anyone give me the gen?

    He has served 5 years, 2nd tour R Sigs Operator and a good, dependable lad.

    Any ideas???
  2. Not sure about 148 (I'm a bit out of date) but I'm pretty sure 4/73 Battery RA now recruits all arms. Some similarities in role, might be worth a look.
  3. Had a lad do this recently.

    You can only get to 29 Cdo Regt (and thus 148) by rebadging to RArty. Excepting a few matelot slots they have there.

    4/73 will take any capbadge, don´t know if there are any back door (fnarr fnarr) routes in to 148 from there.

    There is a load of stuff on 4/73 on DII and they have lots of leaflets about. Not sure about 29. They DO run taster-look at us/look at you courses. If you can hang around till I get back to my desk, I may have a piece of paper with the unit recruitment cell on it.
  4. It seems odd that R Sigs cannot find a slot for someone who has passed P Coy.However,apart from The Gunners,your guy might like to consider a transfer to The sappers,where his sigs skills would be transferrable.23 Para Engr Regt is now being stood up.

  5. How about the Sigs. Troop with 'Them'?
  6. Sigs. Troop? Not very current then :D

    Surprised there are no slots in 216, but failing that 18 may be the way ahead.

    Or any of the other units cutting about.

    Do LEWT still take para trained bods?
  7. Sigs. Troop? Not very current then - no, very much not, but I did spend a lot of time with 29 and 148. The only time I say any R. Sigs was with Brigade HQ. Bear in mind that 148 use NGS and Gunner Sigs and it takes a long time to get through the trade courses (as well as the AACC).
  8. By "them" i assumed you to mean "them" :D