Is 10 years too long for one PSAO?

Oh dear god, yes please.

I have seen a photo in which our current CO is pictured alongside our PSAO, at a time when CO held the rank of plain old Lieutenant.
I know of 1 ex RSM who held this post for 15 yrs.......I still call him Sir when our paths cross ,spot on soldier so he still get`s my respect .
The only plus point of SDR - downsizing and amalgamating TA infantry Bn's meant that we could get rid of the worst PSAOs.

They have a job until 60 and can be appointed before 40 (the job is not open to WOs and LEs only). They are very difficult to sack.
If its Bart Simpson of a well known Tpt Regt on Merseyside, then 10 minutes is too long. Feel sorry for the NRPS is he is still about!!!! :(
SKJOLD said:
Whats a PSAO and what do they do? :?

I genuinly do not know. :?:
PSAOs are Permanent Staff Admin Officers. Exactly as it says on the tin, they are officers who are permanent staff (ie, regular) and their responsibilities extend to oversight of the administration of the TA unit they are attached to. In theory.

In theory, Communism works. In theory.

In reality, they are in a position to make the TA unit they are in into their own fiefdom, much as Dr Evil plans to do to the world.

Only a particularly strong-willed OC with a lot of spare time on his hands and as much knowledge of how the Army works as the PSAO enjoys is capable of reining him in. But OCs like that are few and far between. Those that do come along only remain for a two-year stint, during which the PSAO need only put things to one side or forget about them, or say things cannot be done, to limit that reforming OC's potential. Once the two years of stalling and stonewalling are up, it is back to normal for the PSAO.

As we all know, in the TA attendance is everything. PSAOs have the enormous advantage of attending on every weekday. So they are de facto the senior officer present when a lot of the weekday admin is carried out, which enables them to mould things to their will. And when it comes down to it, they are officers and so can countermand any decision they do not like which may be thrown up by, for instance, a young, keen, experienced PSI.

Dr Evil was lucky enough to experience a different military world for a few months in 2003 and so learned who really should be doing what. This has made life back in TA-world harder, though, not easier. For it has made plain the extent of a PSAO's imperial overstretch.

But there is hope. ARRSE offers a way of gaining equality of arms. With its help, Dr Evil has broken his PSAO's monopoly on the knowledge of the TA Regs and also obtained little bits of info that have enabled Dr Evil to go off and do his own thing, (relatively) safe in the knowledge that he is safe. Like Tim Robbins in the Shawshank Redemption, day by day Dr Evil will eke out a little more liberty.

Before long, the unit will be under my harsh but benign rule. Then the world! :lol:
Dr Evil said:
they are officers who are permanent staff (ie, regular)
Not quite, they are NRPS (Non Regular Permanent Staff), although they are invariably male, LE officers who have spent their entire lives in the green machine.

Dr Evil said:
or say things cannot be done,
That'll be the infamous 'Invisble Rulebook' then....The only defence against this is to stand your ground and demand to be shown where it is written down.

PartTimePongo said:
Personally, I hope my PSAO carries on till they cart him out feet first.

A first rate man , and an excellent advert for PSAO's everywhere.
Ditto, wouldnt argue with mine too much, almost went too far when I found out my name had been left off the Op telic list , Had a "chat" with him along the lines of
ME. Why??
PSAO youve got your time in, done your tours over the water
ME Yeah but why
ME, ok boss ( knew what would be coming my way if I persisted, Knuckle butty)
Still planing on going if I can be nice to finish my carreer with.(sad arn't I)
Glad to hear these heartwarming tales of gleaming PSAOs.

In fact, I too know of one. He has enabled me to come up with a PSAO workaround (NB :oops: not a PSAO reacharound - too horrible to contemplate), which runs as follows:

1. I ask my PSAO a question or for something.
2. PSAO answers "You don't need to know" or "No".
3. I ask my mucker who has a toptastic PSAO.
4. His nice PSAO does what he can to help, in his nice PSAO way.

Not ideal but it helps ease the pain / establish the truth.
PSAOs are as good or as bad as the man filling the job. The major problems are that they are permanent and by and large under employed. This can lead to all sorts of problems from merely being awkward to being rather inventive accounts wise.

I would rather see a system where a Bn has two or three PSAOs who visit Coy locs to run the accounts, oversee the admin etc. It would be cheaper to the Bn budget and given rotation of account holders mean that temptation would be seriously reduced.

After thirty plus years (several without PSAOs) I have known some excellent Admin Officers and some awkward Admin Officers. Sad to say I have also met more than my fair share of good chaps who through a combination of too much time on their hands and the fact that 'they could' have ended up in serious trouble. And a lot of urined off soldiers and officers behind them.
i think we are fortunate that out PSAO was the Regtl 2i/c and on finishing his time in the TA went NRPS PSAO, knows the regs inside and out and understands where the TA are coming from, spot on bloke with us PSI's and is probably better than quite a few Regular Sqn commanders i have had :D
fivetodo said:
i think we are fortunate that out PSAO was the Regtl 2i/c and on finishing his time in the TA went NRPS PSAO, knows the regs inside and out and understands where the TA are coming from, spot on bloke with us PSI's and is probably better than quite a few Regular Sqn commanders i have had :D
But still subordinate to the OC :wink:

In position alone, any OC with a PSAO of his experience would realise that when all is said and done the PSAO and the permanent staff are the ones that run the show ;)

Whilst our OC does head the ship and gives direction to where he wants things heading, he knows that he has to rely on the permanent staff to keep it all ticking and he gives credit where its due.

So whilst he has been demoted to Capt from Maj to do the PSAO job he is in no way disadvantaged, fortunately with his reputation for getting the job done right first time, it keeps him in the limelight anyway :)
In answer to the Topic, no if the Guy/Gal does the job & the unit functions OK. If they don't do the job well, then annual reporting, inspections etc should give enough ammo to get rid of the useless bum wipe!

Have a nice day ya'll

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