irtactical yank small arms engagement simulator

Fellas, Having a flick across youtube and this popped up.

IR TACTICAL | Military and Law Enforcement Tactical Training Systems

Basically developed for yank SWAT teams to train with i believe. Think the gist of it is that the M4 is a copy of the Colt version except the internals are ripped out and replaced by an infra red/laser barrel and some type of gas blowback for recoil and so forth is integrated.

Obviously this is not new technology as the SAAB TESEX kit has been used for years. What interested me is that users wear a belt underneath the sensor vest that hits you with a taser type of shock when you get hit.

You hear a lot of tripe about paintballers and airsofters swearing their hobby is the be all and end all and should be used for cheap CQB type training, but i have a funny feeling this type of technology might start to actually be of some use in the future. Even if it is just for the pure comedy value of tasering sprogs left right and centre!

haha two's up on that. I'm sure it is "safe" but i also guarantee some tech geek will manipulate it to leave blokes unconscious in pools of their own urine...


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MEGGITS the company who supply the DCCT stuff also do a 'Bluefire' weapons which, as far as I understand are similar to this, but never heard of bing shocked before.

And SAAB/TESSEX kit, it's pretty **** when your vest gets shot under your bed when your asleep* and then starts bleeping like **** and waking you up.

******** with 'God Guns'
In one of my former lives, I visited the home town of one of the SAAB chaps. It also was the home time of the lead singer of the Cardigans... whom I met, and spent several delightful hours in the her company.

Just thought I'd share that with you. The SAAB blokes name was similar to a composer by the way.
The SAAB kit must be getting on a bit now though? I have been out of the green kit for quite a while but from what i remember, believe i used it in 99. Good for what it was but insanely frustrating running around with the worlds supply of pencil batteries scattered everywhere. Not to mention bolting everything onto your shooting stick and then to top it off not being able to hit a barn door at 10 paces (could just be my marksmanship however...)

I'm all for new technology being utilised that is robust and simple to use, and that option of painful feedback sounds really interesting for training purposes to me.
Go with Simunition. Paintballing with proper gats, and it's supposed to hurt like hell.

Not sure how much it costs though.
Question is do you still go to Hell if you get killed ? ( Fill up sand bags from a never ending heap of sand )
Never tried simunition so i can't really comment, do have an ex US marine buddy of mine who has used it extensively and sings it's praises. That being said it still involves firing a projectile that can injure or maim, and i would imagine similar to paintball whereby someone can "wipe off" or similar so no software controlled means of identifying who is "killed" and therefore out of the battle.

With this "irtactical" system i think integrating laser type projectile-less weapon systems with instant pain feedback and a software controlled marshal/God gun looks the way ahead. Not to mention you could run training scenarios in places where projectile firing systems would just not be allowed. Maybe of more use to Police firearms units than military but it is a nice gucci system anyway by the looks of it.
Hey Guys,

Saw this thread and thought i would respond, myself and my business partner are currently the UK / Ireland distributors for irTactical. If you have any questions that you want answering on this equipment or are interested in it then fire away.

The equipment is absolutely fantastic (but then again i would say that wouldn't I) its currently being used by SWAT and other services to train with. More recently it was used for a T.V. show called E.T.U (Elite Tactical Unit) which will be aired in January on the outdoor channel. Elite Tactical Unit | Outdoor Channel | Outdoor Channel | America's Leader in Outdoor TV

Wrighty has got most things absolutely spot on with what he is saying about irTactical. Will keep this post short an sweet and will put up a link showing the new irPistol Introduction to the irPistol - YouTube

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