IRS # contra Greencard?

Discussion in 'US' started by Nehustan, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I was wondering if anyone could differentiate the difference between the two. As a person who would be more interested in State Citizenship contra Federal citizenship, I am also in receipt of an IRS number that was provided by Grosvenour. I find it quite ironic post Independence and the agreements post the civil war that the federal state and by extension the federal reserve as well as the MIC that Eisenhower warned of seem to tax the individual over business in what appears to many as a direct contravention of the incepted freedom from dominion of the founding fathers and subsequent freedom from taxation from the crown as established at the Boston tea party; ironic that the federal state and reserve have replaced the dominion of the British crown.

    What I also find peculiarly ironic is that the very people who seem pro the federated state and reserve seem to be associated with the current political movement called 'Tea party'; am I missing something here?

    Some time ago I produced a 'business plan' which included certain industries categorised broadly as 'shop interests'. If such interests had been taxed under a certain IRS# then I would of course authorise such funds to be made available to the US treasury and related agents in an attempt to assist chromatic with his desires for his people. As a person opposed to credit banking and pro the moot commodity standard, deivery of such taxation to the federal reserve would be in contradiction to basic ideological beliefs.

    The main reason that I am writing this is as I heard a report today that Chromatic was requesting a stay until the 2nd Aug from creditors; perhaps the Shop can be of assistance. Praetorians.

    Obviously as a person borne outside of the USA (unlike the current Chromatic) I am not completely familiar with the US constitution and all of its implications.

    Alpha Sierra. Juliet Whiskey. Witness the hand.
  2. Which slidex card are you using?
  3. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Had my grid emailed to me...not currently accessible...general political and economic debate with our American cousins...wait...out.
  4. Send key setting. Over. :?

    Whether or not he accepts this reality, Obama owns this economy and the alarming explosion of the debt in recent years. He is the one whose reckless policies have greatly exacerbated our dire financial condition. He is the one whose unconscionably wasteful and irresponsible economic policies have tanked the economy and suppressed employment. He is the one who, along with his party, has not presented a budget in 800 days. He is the one who formed a bipartisan deficit commission and then ignored its findings. He is the one who hasn't presented a concrete budgetary plan. He is the one who refuses to reform entitlements despite objective evidence that if we don't, the nation will go belly up. Yet he is the one who is pointing all the fingers of blame against the Republicans as if they were the culprits.

    That do you?

    It's all the Mulatto's fault.
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  5. Ignore Ruckerwocman. He has no idea how his country is run or what's actually happening.

    For the record, the 75% spending cuts 25% revenue increases suggested by the Commission is exactly what he's been trying to get the House Republicans to accept, but they won't. He is on the record as proposing trillions in budget cuts, hundreds of billions in sacred-cows-into-hamburger entitlement reforms and a willingness to compromise on tax hikes, but Republicans have walked away no less than three times in opposition to revenue-generating measures. His own party in Congress- especially Harry Reid- is proving to be a pain in Obama's ass because he's already bargained away social security and medicare reform, which Senate Democrats were going to campaign against (using the Ryan plan as their whipping boy) in the hopes of retaining their majority in 2012.

    Even Republicans are now conceding that Obama has successfully managed to portray himself as a responsible fiscal hawk, despite being a Keynesian, while the three ring circus that is the Republican caucus in the House tears itself to pieces because of the lunacy/ignorance of their own freshmen and the careerist opportunism of Eric Cantor, from whom nothing is more important than usurping Orange John Boehner as Speaker.
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Interesting post Crabby...good to hear from you...hope things are still good stateside. Will await any further interesting developments as they occur and subsequent posts. I was engaged in a Shop 180 turnaround the other day concerning visitors at Wimbledon, and I suppose metaphorically this could be seen as a 180 turnaround between the Federal Reserve and International creditors, and the US treasury and Shop interests; long time coming.
  7. Interesting to see this debate has even filtered over your side of the pond. So riddle me this've seen that the Feds and the tea-partiers drink from the same did they pull that off without anyone noticing...and no conferring with Wesley Snipes!!!
  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs that me??? I do have dracul type eye me Ivanovski the special nationalist...order of the dragon?

    Anyway could the starter for ten be Revenue Act of 1862? Was Mr. Snipes locked up for tax evasion or questioning the legitimacy of the federal IRS, Reserve and thus State?? What is the UISA by the way, like USA but independent states as per the end of the civil war???
  9. In order; Yes, Yes, Yes, Ask him when you meet him, Yes.