Irritating little weisel

Is he trying to make some sort of point about something ? Looks like a lot of cut and pasted non sensical clips joined together whilst under the influence of mind bending drugs.
Gave up after 2 mins. He's just the type of person that would be crying like a b1tch for help when the sh1t hits the fan. Another total non entity that seems to populate this country nowadays.
I remember his sort at school, boring, no friends possibly even weird.

Tinternet seems to have given these briefcase carrying fools the freedom to express themselves that was usually impossible when actual social interaction was required.


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Right little cnut he might be, but he's on the button regarding the politicians. Still an utter cnut though. I'm surprised why nobody's asked him why he aint talking German.
franklin said:

I'd love to have a few minutes alone with this annoying little sp*nkbag. Every one of his mannerisms irritate me.
Meh, most 14 year old girls are mouthy, oh wait, its a guy?
Imagine the pleasure:

Holding this little spunkbag's head down a well used thunderbox and informing him he isn't fit to eat the shit of heroic soldiery ....

He'd probably enjoy the attention.
the minute he mentioned facebook i got the distinct feeling he was going to bore the f)cking shite out of me!

4minutes in and i felt the growing desire to bum rape this little twat with a garden veg and then send his mother a small test tube full of some usefull spunk to waste 15yrs on!

anyone who meets this guy please leave your boot print on his undropped balls!!

what a facebook weed!
He is right though, not all soldiers are heroes. Its a title that makes me cringe.

Mention the word hero and I think of John Frost, Beharry, Pun, Labalaba, Speakman, Chavasse etc

Awesome that the public are onside, but that doesn't make everyone a cape wearing hero.

Its a job, a job that sends you to pants places...... are we heroes when we go adventure training, snowqueen, get tanked up on leaving hocking grolleys on kebab shop windows and setting fire to tramps?
Just a kid too far up his own arse and full of his owm importence. Typical of civies I'm afriad. We've all had to put up with their attitude from day one so lets just let the fuckers fester in their own slime and not give them the time of day.

that said anyone seeing this little prick in the street and does not find a passing bus needs RTU!
It's a pity this in the NAAFI because up to the 2.59 minute point he has a valid point of view worthy of debate. Total crap from there on in. Shame.

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