Irritating creditors.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. After the letter about being sued by a fat cripple, I went through my invoices looking for people to irritate.

    I found a letter from a rat catching / death to pest outift I employed month in month out to keep rodents away from a couple of empty units.

    I flogged them a few months ago and I recently got a snotty demand for 99 quid.

    I'm just about to post this.

    I think we should each contact one of our creditors to see who we can irritate the most.
  2. I think you may have found a new money earner for the Arrse charity.

    Obnoxious, vile and spiteful letters - $100 quid a pop - Guaranteed to win or lose, it doesn't matter.

    Arrse Naafi has such a shed full of untalented spiteful git writers that we could keep this going for ever. (I am proud to include myself in that statement).

  3. I've seen you in a new light MDN, I would never thought of you as the literate sort.
  4. I've just sent this through to the Electric board.

    And one to the waterboard.

  5. You're getting good at this. Giving me inspiration for my letter to BT about their cr@p broadband service.

    I had a couple of letters like this from ratbags who claim I owed 'em dosh in the past, and they invariably point out that they're entitled to recover the court costs if it ends up in court.

    But, if their claim falls under the small claims/fast track procedure (most for less than around the £5k level do) they won't recover any of their legal costs. Also, as defendant, you're entitled to have the case heard at your nearest county court. I find that if I remind them of these facts, most tend to crawl back into the woodwork.
  6. Very good, very funny but are you going to really send them? I think I'll take this attitude in future with these people because I'm giving less of a fcuk every day.

    Nice one.
  7. fcuking superb now about the money you owe me for the dental work and cosmetic surgery that i now require after managing to nut myself on the edge of my desk whilst laughing at the first letter. £50 or just a quick fumble dressed in latex and using fairy liquid i will leave the choice to you.
  8. Yep, going to send them.....

    What can they possibly do to me?

    I don't want anything from them, and if he does issue on me, I'll attend, argue it, have a laugh then if he gets a judgement against me I'll pay him on the 29th day afterwards and the judgement will either not be entered or set aside...... I'll ensure its the most difficult money he's ever earned.
  9. Classic. By the way, how much do Aquascutum charge for their Nippon Nelson gear?, Greenwood's used to be OK but are a bit tight under the katanas.
  10. How much will you charge (for your charity) to send a snotty letter to the NAAFI/EFI for ripping of the very people the lying tossers say they are serving, then talking utter bollocks when someone trys to bring them to account?
    (I have my debit card ready)
  11. You put a bid up and I'll right the letter
  12. Do one for me, recently changed to Broadband from dial-up, so trying to cancel one account as i dont need it. After talking to sanji from delhi for an hour at 5p a minute, and loosing the will to live and not kill the indian population i hung up. Just received an email saying thank you and they are going to close my broadband account as requested.

    Which i didnt, so now its either a letter to their Complaints management team or declaring war on India, i'll pay a tenner into the help fund for a good letter, and £20 for one which will get a fatwa or whatever set on me.
  13. Dear Sir / NCO I/C Punkawalla Delhi District.

    On calling 150 recently I must have inadvertantly pressed 0091 434 247832 as I was connected to a Shanti town in Down town calcutta to a chap in a mud hut claiming to be called 'Steven'

    BT are clearly comitting fraud and Data protection rules as giving a false name is in breech.

    I mentioned Broadband and he mumbled something about Chicken Balti and kept telling me he was 'belly pleased to be talking with me beautiful day'

    Now I'm an ex soldier, therefore not a businessman, but I'm sure as a communications company a fundamental part of aquiring a job with BT is to be able to communicate. Steve had more chance of communicating with a Taleban gun runner than by with a chap from Newport wanting to disconnect a telephone service.

    Can you please arrange for a normal person with a grasp of the English language to call me. I understand this eliminates your Darlington, Glasgow and Cardiff call centres but if this can't happen perhaps Steven could translate this 'eat my muddy eye you robbing fraudsters'

  14. fuck i need a new laptop now,
    jesus thats classic,
    do more man you are a genius.
  15. I think you could be on to a winner here. You could be the ARRSE ombudsman (ARRSEdOF ??)