Irrational Fears

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Legs, Jul 9, 2010.

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  1. I'm sure most of us have them at one point or another. I fear that my time for a serious road accident is overdue. I've not had an accident since 1992 (a minor prang after skidding on some ice).

    So, I'm a pretty careful driver. I rarely break the speed limit. I take rest breaks on long trips and I never drive whilst over the limit. So why this fear? I dunno, that's why it's irrational!

    So what is your most irrational fear?
  2. As per, Im confused, the fear element is quite rational, I have a rational fear of heights, being suffocated and tortured etc.

    I think the irrationality comes in when you go completely hatstand over things that haven't happened yet, sorry for scribbling, thats just what I thought irrational fear was.
  3. Coincidentally enough, i was discussing this yesterday. Mine is damiging jeans. you know how they get all baggy at the knees? well i hate it so much i intentially dont wear them if i think i have to walk up a lot of stairs that day.
  4. Sazzz please say you are a girl.
  5. I have a fear of waking up in a Bangkok clinic with my hampton modified.
  6. Post of the day. Well done that sazzz.
  7. Sorted that for you Furryturd.
  8. I have this awful fear of hurting myself by masturbating. So much so, that I'm thinking of waiting until I get down the ladder after looking in my neighbours bedroom window.
  9. Only me then that understands what rational and irrational means.
  10. I have an irrational fear of becoming one of the decafinated.

    Even the thought of there not being a starbucks nearby makes me reach for the baby wipes.
  11. As long as you keep one hand on the ladder, you'll be fine. Use a safety harness next time - although that will make a rapid retreat more difficult if he sees you.
  12. When I was about 7, I developed an irrational fear of a meteor falling on me. Fortunately, this fear disappeared entirely when I read about the Chicxulub crater - it kind of put things in perspective and gave me something to REALLY worry about. The down side is that hiding under the bed is no longer an option.
  13. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Part of my role is to take referrals for patients who have an irrational fear of the dentist.

    It's not like we're going to stick 2 inches of surgical needle into your mouth and then rip out your teeth.

    Damn, where is that evil smiley when you want it!
  14. I get this reoccuring dream of being locked in a glass sided public bog sited in the middle of Trafalgar Square..... and there I am... sat on Khazi... strides and undercrakers around me ankles..... and every one passing by can see what I'm doing..... and all the peeps are pointing and laffing....... even the Old Bill is..... and the buggers don't even have the decency to chuck some Errse Wipes/bog paper into the bog..........

    Then I wake up and realise its just a dream...... ... or is it....??
  15. Men with beards, sandals and eye makeup.