IRR Callsign Patches - A step forward in night operations? Or just a useful Slide

I just posted about IRR callsign patches on our blog. Instead of the standard white square that you wear on your kit when looking through II, they clearly show the callsign. We're not selling them (except in bulk at unit level) so not a sales pitch, but I think they're quite interesting for two reasons:

  • Is there any point for most operations/units?
  • Quite a useful picture-paints-1000-words IRR powerpoint slide, for the use of.

Also, out of curiosity have any regular units already got these?



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Callsign patches are pretty useless to be fair. We never used them, what was the point? If you needed to know someones C/S, you'd ask them. Certainly under contact you're unlikely to be able to get good eyes on the patch anyway.
Plus, people change callsigns all the time as gaps appear that need to be filled or you go out on ops as part of a composite section instead of your usual section. Add to that the fact that in a decent contact you're going to get split to the four winds anyway and probably end up as part of another section, the whole callsign thing gets replaced with 'that group of bods'. :)

People just needed things to fill up the velcro gaps on those chest pads with and hence why you've got your blood group, your callsign, unit badge, zap number, etcetc badges all kicking around now.

All very good and well until you get hit by an IED and it strips everything off your armour and leaves you only in the shirt and trousers you're wearing (As we saw, sadly enough).

Black marker all the way! :)
All fair comment and I'm certainly not trying to persuade anyone that these are an essential must-have. I'm sure there are times when these would be of value but for most people most of the time I with you.
Attached arms (units that is, not extra limbs) have specific prifixes to their call sign; Steel, Brimstone etc, and moving through AOs would mean these patches would also need to incorporate that.

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