Irony: Ethical wristbands made using slave labour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, May 29, 2005.

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    Aah, irony - it is so sweet and fair!

    Post edited. Guys and Girls , please remember copyright issues. - PTP
  2. HEHE,

    Where ever there is money to be made ethics do not play a part in it!!

  3. Where can I buy one, equal rights for the oppressed I say!
  4. I feel sorry for the well-meaning people involved - it's obviously not intentional. However - imagine the embarrassment of being ranked alongside Nike, et al. the global exploiters of slave labour.

    No matter what spin the Daily Torygraph puts on it - "a spokesman" said this, "a spokesman" said that, we should all do our best to boycott the real villains of the piece - the multinationals - and the press.
  5. The real villains of the piece are the woolly thinking fools who think that by buying a wristband they can help solve the problem. If you really want to help give some real money or your time, not a pound. And if you are daft enough to buy an overlarge rubber band don't ponce round in it like you've just single-handedly saved Africa. It's not about real help, it's selling smugness for a quid.
  6. Ah Bob Gelded, The internation movei star, must be don't think he's a singer.
    Load of crap yes sounds like the do gooders anthem. Mind you whats slave labour for sum is a working wage for others.
    It is. Onest.
  7. Here are some extracts from this example of [irony on] fine investigative journalism[/irony off] courtesy of The Daily Telegraph:

    Please take time to note in the above excerpts that we don't get any names until Richard Curtis is mentioned, but by this point, the damage is done and the message has been planted. This is what the Daily Torygraph get up to before they finish early for their liquid lunch.

    OK, there may be a grain of truth, but the 'journalists' who 'work' here are busy trying to outdo each other in the ongoing quest to impress the editor with the most impressive hyperbole and the best attempts at promoting and supporting big business - the very reason for the paper's existence. Sad, impressionable readers get wound up to the point of filling forums like this with narrow-minded bigotry and bile. Take a step back and for once, realise you've been HAD. The less worldly-wise amongst you are grist to the mill and cannon-fodder in more ways than one.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Of dear, Frenchperson, you are barking up the wrong tree here as usual. Your rants against the 'evils' of multinationals and the Telegraph are pretty much lost on the majority of the Users here, who are a tad more open-minded than you and your prejudices would wish. Many of the people on this site have seen the results of poverty in action - and, in almost every case, it is the result of people - not natural disasters, not global warming, and certainly not due to multinationals - but theiving and greedy local bastards.

    Keep your nonsense for the letters pages of the Guaunardian, where they can be read by the few dyslexics who think they run the Country.

    Apart from that, anything that shows up these foolish public heart-on-wrist campaigns for the fatuous nonsense they are is a good thing.
  9. "but theiving and greedy local bastards."

    yes Snowy how true.
    I have a friend a New Zealander, very senior cival engineer, luvs ta dish out the poo to Brits, decent sort.
    He's in Mumbai now, he says ask for Mumbai main railway station and your taxi goes nowhere till you change and say Bombay Main station.
    When he first came back on leave from his job he said after a few If you Brits sent a gunboat there now all the normal local people would be out crying Oh please cum back.
    Ordinary folk still remember proper courts, justice and a civil service that worked.
  10. When you describe the users on here as 'open-minded', I'll take that to mean 'open to influence' rather than the more accepted dictionary definition of 'Having or showing receptiveness to new and different ideas or the opinions of others'.

    I say this in the light of a couple of recent threads that have been started and popularly supported:

    Dole Scum Underage Mothers
    Lock The Bitch Up
  11. God, you and your conspiracy theories, you will never listen to reason will you. Everything is being brought about by those powers who wish to control us :roll: ...or so you would have us believe :wink:

    Still keep up this paranoia and you may soon have a lovely jacket and a nice padded cell all for your own

    The majority of posters on this site are open to new and receptive ideas, irrespective of what you think, they listen to reasoned argument and will make up their own minds accordingly. If they think alike, that is no conspiracy, perhaps they are of an ilke who have the same values and ideas.

    Anyway, if you don't like this site, feck off

  12. OK, I don't know your personal situation, so I'll generalise here, and try to explain why the majority of posters on the site have similar ideas. I agree, it's not a conspiracy - it couldn't ever be that - but there is a definite reason for the general tone of the place, which seems to be arrogance tinged with bravado - although there's also great humour that makes it very compelling.

    <generalising>When you join the services aged 16, you're usually a blank slate waiting to be written on.

    If you do the full 22, and have carefully avoided discussing politics/religion (as your masters would wish), then you've had plenty of time and opportunity not to develop a reasoned and informed outlook on things.

    Unless you're the philosophical or questioning sort (not many are at a young age), you'll accept it all without question, slowly get insular, and as you settle into the smugness, assume that the services = the whole world.

    The system within the forces may work well - they are after all, fighting forces with a definite purpose, but they're a microcosm that doesn't reflect the wider world. The tendency is for every notion coming in from the outside to be measured against this yardstick and accepted or rejected accordingly. </generalising stopped>

    You have held up 'listening to reason...' as a worthwhile quality to have. But in summing up, you've lapsed into a rhetorical aside to the wider audience by telling me to 'feck off'.

    Is this the type of reasoned argument you want me to listen to?
  13. It'd be nice to have an argument from you that doesn't just repeat leftist propaganda as fact.
  15. French person, Im with you for about 80% of what you say. However, as engee says, we have grown and now can look at a debate/opinion and form our own.
    No disrespect (sort of) here but you remind me of one or two perpetual students that I have known. Nice to be young and on fire but your peer group have moved on.
    Anyhow I enjoy the shiit you come out with.