Irony... American style.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Khyros, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. This is a wonderfull example of why we should never trust politicans to be much more than populist prostitutes... :roll:

  2. The "castle doctrine"...I love that. You had better believe that Cuddles Towers is now the embassy of the State of Texas and as such is considered Texan sovereign soil, where the "castle doctrine" is in law.
  3. Old saying here in the States is that your better off being judged by twelve then carried by eight...
  4. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    IMHO, the shooting seems to be a justified one. The suspect bought a knife to a 'gunfight.' :lol:

    Anyone that pulls a knife on me, with the intent to use it, will be shot until the threat is eliminated. :x

    To me a knife of any size is a dangerous weapon, that can kill you just as dead as any firearm, especially in the hands of someone that knows how to use one. (Note I carry a tactical folder as a backup.)

    As for that Law Makers support of anti-firearms laws, etc. I think that is very common for politicians, that support such laws as well as a lot of celebrities, especially in Hollywood who either carry a concealed weapon or have 'bodyguards' that do. Rosie MacDonald comes to mind. :roll:
  5. Here its six! Makes a better ryhme to it too.

    ENGLAND CHIEF + hi kyros 'still taking to 'Epw's'?
  6. Suicide by Texan... :twisted:

    Pity there's zero chance of the UK adopting the Castle Doctrine.

    Allow law abiding citizens to kill scum in self-defence? That's just crazy talk! :x
  7. We have a similar saying except it's

    Better off being judged by twelve than carried by six

    But guess we don't get to eat all that texan beef. :wink:
  8. what sort of idiot breaks into a house in texas :?
  9. A dead one. :twisted:

    Darwinism in action.
  10. Pallbearers can number four to eight... depends how many folks would take offense if left out. I thought a lust for bovine flesh was something we inherited from you folks? ;)
  11. Certainly a pretty effective way of committing suicide. :D
  12. Allow law abiding citizens to kill scum in self-defence? That's just crazy talk! :x[/quote]

    Mate, allowed.......... but doesn't necessarily mean we don't. What do London and Manchester mean to you?
  13. Borris Miles has just demonstrated the very same logic that demands Iran (and others) not have have the bomb, whilst the US continues to develop its own arsenal. He likes the idea that he has the 'right' and the 'power' over others, and is wetting himself about the prospect of the errosion of those rights and powers.
  14. I'll be the Texan Consulate for the South East of England.

    Now put a .45 in the diplomatic bag and I'll uphold freedom for you.
  15. If this happened in Iraq to a tom, he would now be up in court for assault with a deadly weapon, for shooting the suspect as the knife had been thrown and was no longer the threat. Crazy justice eh? :x