ironing boards at RMAS

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Sapper531, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. As someone who went on SMC 5 in 1974 (Perry Mason was my Pl C/Sgt!) can anyone tell me what's with the ironing boards? What's the problem with a blanket on a table?
  2. I'm sure some other things may also have changed in the last 33 years.
  3. Irons at RMAS?

    Must be a myth as I've never seen evidence of their use in the green army by the Officer Corps. :roll:
  4. Whilst this thread effortlessly wins 'Silliest Ever To Appear Here' I will oblige...this might explain a fascination for ironing boards.


    In lieu of thanks, please make a donation to the RBL. Cheers.

    Does fcuk all for me actually - much prefer a good plan view of LH40C or something...
  5. I hadn't realised that Officer recruiting was that poor, but their turnout will be a lot better than some Officers I have met!