Ironic? You decide

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Redmon1, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. Headline from the Daily Mail reads "100 pupils walk out of high school in protest at ban on short skirts " followed by this snippet from the Head Mistress:-
    "However headteacher Jane Holland - who has been praised by Ofsted for clamping down on disobedience and boosting results - insisted short skirts have had their day.
    'Despite repeated warnings, skirt lengths have got even more ridiculous,' she said yesterday.
    'Male staff who are walking upstairs behind girls don't know where to look - you can actually see their underwear, and to my mind that's not appropriate."
    OK, I hear you ask, where is the irony? The "newspaper" then included two pictures of 2 of the angry schoolgirls in question



    If I were a teacher and was walking upstairs behind these too and happen to get a glimpse of their gussets I believe I would be well within my rights to claim both disability for visual impairment and have my clothing allowance increased for having destroyed good clothing by continuously vomitting for the next 12 hours.
    On the upside, it will surely stop some teachers fiddling with the pupils
  2. I've had worse :)
  3. You are a wrong'un Redders. What were you searching for when you found "yeah but no but yeah but no"?

    One of their legs is twice the size of me FFS.

    You are never going to heaven. :)
  4. I'm just praying that the one on the right isnt wearing holdups, that would certainly put paid to the ongoing Stockings and Suspenders thread. As for your comments Dale, I believe Heaven would be too quiet for me :)
  5. I would
  6. Theres a whale hook stuck under the jumper of the wreck on the left in the 2nd picture. Honest mistake I suppose.
  7. cracking smiles they have!! :)
  8. What happened to them? Fell out of the ugly tree,hitting every branch?
  9. Slovenly, overweight, semi-educated, junk food nourished mongs. Belligerent, aggressive, foul mouthed and assertive of their 'uman rights'.

    So when are they joining the RLC?
  10. Ah Ha! I see it's the Daily Hate you were reading, If it had been The Scum you might have had the following piccie instead.


    PS: I would say very Ironic. The journo probably pished himself when those two horror's turned up :D
  11. [​IMG] look familiar?
  12. [​IMG]

    Jesus Christo.

    The one on the left has exactly the same looks and facial expression as the shopgirl zombie Shaun finds in his back garden in Shaun of the Dead. And the one on the right looks like Mr Stay Puft from Ghostbusters.
  13. [​IMG]

    Christ, their dad's a bit of a bruiser. :x
  14. Pigs in knickers.
  15. i thought it was their mother. 8O