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If you write to the Iron Manufacturers Federation I'm sure they'll tell you which company make irons specifically for ironing clothes in training establishments. FFS go out and get a feckin iron.


Yes, one that irons straight creases and not tram lines!

Oops! Sorry Arby (if you read this thread)

Iron's are Iron's.. some people choose to use expensive ones, i used the cheapest one i found in argos for something like a 5ver. Worked a treat, still got it now.
I remember my first ironing attempt! Iron board collapsed, iron got inbedded in shirt sleeve. Massive panic attack followed by smoke and terrible smell, followed by entanglement in cord, followed by iron burn to chin and left ear! :x Fcuk the ironing after that, got mum to do it again when on leave and the room "Jeaves" for important parades! :D

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