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  1. Whats a good iron to get for basic?


    Cost isnt a problem as i have found a rule where i can claim benefits to pay for kit.
  2. What's the Rule mate?
  3. if u go to connexions and say ive heard that 8 weeks beofre my start date i can claim bebefits to pay for kit. they will refer you to job centre and you'll start the process, stupidly i still have to prove im looking for work?
  4. Nice Iron...

    Not sure how the benifits might work with that.

    One of my mates had a case where they claimed something on benifits but they wouldnt alow it as he was claiming quite expensive things. (think they see it as taking the mick!)

    That was a completely different situation though so not sure what they would
    say in this case.

    Edit* Though taking expensive things to basic was a no-go anyway?

  5. ive already got the benefits, 47 quid a week, theres a clause on the harship allowence saying anyone heading into armed forces can claim until day of training solongs its 8 weeks before you start
  6. so my 7 weeks and 4 days, i am to late?
  7. nip down to connexions mate
  8. You'll need a decent iron but if benefits are paying for it they won't be letting you take the p*ss so you probably won't get the one you gave the link for. You don't need one that expensive anyway. For a decent steam iron you probably wana spend around £30/£40. There's just no need to spend more than that..especially if it's not you paying!
  9. dont think you understand what i mean by them paying for it, they wont kno what im buying, its as if i was on job seekersm they just give me money weekly to buy equipment, i get 47 pound a week to do with what i please.
  10. If its like that then you can get what ever you want :D

    Still like Donny said, dont think its worth getting one that expensive, could spend your allowance on some other equip, decent suit or something.

  11. I think 80 notes on an iron is a bit much, but hey if its being paid for...

    Look out for one that has a high steam output and high min shot of steam...they are not always the most expensive.
  12. awsome, cheers will look for that, half for kit, half for booze :D all good
  13. That's the kind of attitude we don't need. Wanting to spend £80 on an iron then also wanting to spend half his money on alcohol. I wouldn't care less if it was your own money but it's not. Use it for something useful..not just to get p*ssed with your mates.
  14. got a rule.. yah mean yah on the dole.. much easier to understand
  15. no, not dole, it is a rule thing for armed forces.....