Whats a good iron to get for basic?


Cost isnt a problem as i have found a rule where i can claim benefits to pay for kit.
if u go to connexions and say ive heard that 8 weeks beofre my start date i can claim bebefits to pay for kit. they will refer you to job centre and you'll start the process, stupidly i still have to prove im looking for work?
Nice Iron...

Not sure how the benifits might work with that.

One of my mates had a case where they claimed something on benifits but they wouldnt alow it as he was claiming quite expensive things. (think they see it as taking the mick!)

That was a completely different situation though so not sure what they would
say in this case.

Edit* Though taking expensive things to basic was a no-go anyway?

ive already got the benefits, 47 quid a week, theres a clause on the harship allowence saying anyone heading into armed forces can claim until day of training solongs its 8 weeks before you start
You'll need a decent iron but if benefits are paying for it they won't be letting you take the p*ss so you probably won't get the one you gave the link for. You don't need one that expensive anyway. For a decent steam iron you probably wana spend around £30/£40. There's just no need to spend more than that..especially if it's not you paying!
dont think you understand what i mean by them paying for it, they wont kno what im buying, its as if i was on job seekersm they just give me money weekly to buy equipment, i get 47 pound a week to do with what i please.
If its like that then you can get what ever you want :D

Still like Donny said, dont think its worth getting one that expensive, could spend your allowance on some other equip, decent suit or something.

I think 80 notes on an iron is a bit much, but hey if its being paid for...

Look out for one that has a high steam output and high min shot of steam...they are not always the most expensive.
That's the kind of attitude we don't need. Wanting to spend £80 on an iron then also wanting to spend half his money on alcohol. I wouldn't care less if it was your own money but it's not. Use it for something useful..not just to get p*ssed with your mates.
i have never claimed job seekers, never claimed ema, never asked for anythin, so no offence mate dont care what you think.
Never claimed for anything? So why start now? If you were gona spend that money on your kit list and didn't have the attitude about 'half for kit, half for booze' then I couldn't care less. What's got me is the fact that you blatantly said you were intending on spending half of an amount of money that is for one purpose on something that is totally unecessary. It's cnuts like you that need to sort their priorities out! What's more important to you? Your kit list or a p*ss up?

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