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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. Just watching , some Cpl from RAF sayinhg he flys helicopters? is that a bare face lie??? n
  2. If he is lying to get in Helen's knickers then fair play to the bloke
  3. Yup its a lie,perhaps he meant he has flown in thokkers.
    Or,more likely as JDL pointed out,he is giving it the large in a attempt to slip one up the minx.
  4. You are all overlooking one pretty major fact, The bloke is RAF therfore he is more likely trying to impress the bloke. His only interest in the lovely Helen will be to discuss handbags and shoes.
  5. hmmm, too may RAF/RN on the show :x , IRON SAILOR?? IRON AIRMEN, Are you an IRON Sailor? :oops: Hmmm Helens thong :D
  6. Well you can only have so many pongo's in one place.Any more than that and the air-conditioning wont be able to hack it.
  7. So i assume your RAF then, considering you mentioned Air conditioning, as the crabs dont like to rough it do they :wink:
  8. She really likes the uniforms, gets quite wet when they shout Maam at her
  9. My dear chap the only people who enjoy being uncomfortable are sexual deviants and idiots.

    Which one are you? :D
  10. Saw the end of it and proper confused me. I mean the RAF and DPM. Shouldnt it be more like the army lads doin all the running about and them shirkers (i mean workers) just sitting round all bronzed up having a nice subways and poping down for singles nite at the Ecos! lol and dont tell me that's gonna be classed as a tour for them.
  11. morning fellas, cant blame him for bluffing ref the thong wearing hottie, but already he's been spotted and on live tv bluffing,wonder what his mates think.
    joey love your new little film what where , many stellas do you think for this gentleman :oops: ??
  12. No idea mate but i thought it would have an appreciative audience on here :D

  13. So do I, and also the love the pie throwing clown, the best films around by miles. At the risk of sounding like some sort of brown nosed creep, I also enjoy your posts. But the worry for me is that I sort of get excited (as in, I know something that will make me laugh will follow - in a sort of Pavlovs Dogs type of way) by seeing the pic of the kiddy fiddler with the sicknening grin - treat us to a new Avatar, please!
  14. Certainley who do you prefer? Michael Jackson or Jerry Lee Lewis?