iron man tri !!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by exnorthener, May 25, 2011.

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  1. not sure why, but i have become a little obsessed with doign the ironman in the south of france next june!

    i already ride my bike a lot to a fair level have run a few marathons (well tried to) and did finish a 2.25m open water swim last summer so i know i am up to it.

    has anyone on here done one? any hints and tips ?? (apart from dont do it)

    could be a nice earner for hols 4 heros
  2. Me opo at the moment is a Ironman/cycling freak - out the army soon and lives in the south of France. I shall see if he's available for tips. Will give ye a shout tomorrow when I see him. PM your email and I shall pass it on to him and get his for ye.
  3. Bloke where I work does these... he has a professional coach etc...takes it very seriously indeed....
  4. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    My cousin is doing it with her husband this year....I'll try and see what they say before and after the event..;)
  5. I do it, I love it.... it's fantastic. Best three sports in the world, and a really welcoming community.

    Nice is a hard one, lots of hills and a dull dull run. IM races fill so early now - Austria in less than ten minutes this year. Get in early to avoid dissapointment. Do not rule out other non Ironman branded events. Roth is fantastic, and the Outlaw in Nottingham is great too.

    Get a training plan, get a training partner, join a club, get your nutrition in place, spend loads of money, and most of all have fun.

    Get over to

    This will change your life. Make sure your Mrs is behind you. Mine trains with me so am really lucky. If you've got a family it's hard to fit everything in, but if you want to you can. As they say "impossible is nothing". It's only a swim, bike and a run.
  6. cheer all!

    have a training plan in place already, am building up the mails and base strength! the mrs is behind me big time and is doing a lot of the long swims and runs with me too!

    any tips along the way would be good, any info on any build up events woudl be great

    cheers all
  7. thanks, i shall have a good look at that,
    she is well used to it already, i hit the road with a cycling club ona sat morning then the velodrome on a sat afternoon, so she has hired a track bike and joins in!!

    however she does kick my ass in the pool at the min but i am working on it!
  8. thanks for that nornironman !!! i have spent the last few days looking at that web site and doing no work!!!!!!!!!!!!!