Iron Lady going rusty?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theoriginalphantom, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. UPDATE:

    Her doctor has just made a statement to the press ...

    "Things are not looking too good for the former PM. We have asked for her families consent to switch the lifesupport on."
  2. Ah see the children are out.
    Pity ya not old enough to see how she pull UK PLC out the sh1t,
    Bye girls
  3. Shame, I'll have to put the party off. I was quite looking forward to that old bag pegging it.
  4. Well, she certainly helped improve your school with her education cut backs, if your spelling of the word Testicles is anything to go by.

    Perhaps it was the lack of milky vitamins? Maggie Thatcher the Milk Snatcher!
  5. Gentlemen, whether you liked her or not she is a human being and hoping she is in pain et al is hardly an adult opinion. I was'nt so fond of her when she was apolitician in power but I'd never wish her unwell or dead. And you are on here purporting to be serving or ex servicemen/women? I hope she pulls through and wish her good health for as long as posssible. I thought the headline "Thatcher wins by a Landslide" after "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" was excellant. Have a good day.

  6. more than old enough jonwilly...

    Would that be pulling it out of the sh1t by sending unemployment to nearly 3 million adjusted ( lets make that a round 4 million), nearly doubling VAT, as good as giving away our gas and oil reserves and generally f*cking over the NHS, crucifying the manufacturing industry of this country by making it impossible for companies to compete in mainland Europe. Pulling it out of the shit by making it easier for a young kids to learn how to flip burgers rather than actually learn a skill and making sure they will be paying for any education they receive until they are 65 ! . All this and she still found the time to hoop-poke the average bloke by giving them the chance to become a houseowner by buying thier council house for twice what it is worth now and having an endowment policy that couldn't pay for a packet of crisps let alone a concrete box twenty storeys up in peckham, in which they now have to spend thier remaining days in living off naff all, because the companies that they worked for were allowed to have free reign to rape thier private pensions fund without any comeback.

    and Yes she had testicles, it certainly take testicles to break up the union stranglehold by starving a man with a wife and kids into submission.
  7. Adult opinions? On ARRSE? Why'd you think they let me post?
  8. In line with PTP's precedent on ARRSErs insulting dying politicians in Current Affairs, I expect the virtual editing scissors to be busy a little later.

    I wish her well.
  9. Hmm, yes, now we have only 1 million unemployed, and a further 2.7 million people claiming disability and invalidity (570k in 1981) - lies, damn lies and statistics mate!

    Yes, because manufacturing industry has flourished under Nulabour hasnt it? (No, its all gone abroad!) Taxes have dropped, havent they? (overall % tax burden higher than any time under the tories) theres gas shortages, and the oil companies have just been hit with a windfall tax preventing them from investing in the north sea fields.

    And under nulabour they learn a skill do they? fecking hundreds of thousands of graduates with mickey mouse degrees, qualified only to work in macdonalds - and just which party introduced university fees and killed off student grants? nulabour did! and as for paying til they are 65 - what have labour done to the best pension package in the western world - turned it into a complete farce by raiding it as a cash cow!

    so now noone can afford to buy their first home any more, they spend their life paying rent to private, profit making landlords, and council houses arent being built any more - so when everyone finishes work johnny taxpayer ends up paying their rent via housing benefit to private landlords!

    Hmm, the same union stranglehold that has led us to op fresco over the past couple of years - good riddance to the trotsky bastards
  10. Labrat you forgot to mention the EU rebate.

    No premiership is without its ups and downs. She was without a charismatic leader and whether you liked her or not, she definitely showed herself to be a leader who had the courage of her convictions ( even if wrong ...poll tax?). She did break the NUM and for that I beleive she was trully brave....seems to me France needs some of the same balls in their leadership. She also took us to the Falklands....I very much doubt old labour would have done the same.

    I hope she continues to live out her life in comfort.

  11. I never mentioned anything about being being better off under new labour. IMHO Tony blair is worse than Thatcher ever was. She might have been hard faced but at least she wasn't two faced. Still doesn't change the fact that she f*cked the country over just as other PM's before and after have done and will continue to do.
  12. I think it's worth pointing out that the reasons the Argentinians invaded the Falklands when they did was at least partially because-

    a) Maggie and her government had tipped the wink to them that the UK saw the Islands as a embarassing relic they wanted rid of.

    b) In 1991, her government announced that the Endurance was going to be withdrawn as part of a package of defence cuts that would have left the RN slightly smaller than the Icelandic Coastguard.

    Although internal political factors also influenced their decision (if they'd have been able to wait a year we wouldn't have been able to send a task force), they genuinely believed that the UK government would huff and puff a bit and then forget about it. What they missed was Maggies own political situation. Whatever we may think about her now, it's unlikely she would have won the 1983 election without the 'Falklands Factor'. For us, the war was a hell of a gamble.

    When we talk about how great she was over the Falklands, it's also important to ponder on whether she was at least partially responsible for blindly allowing the whole thing to happen.
  13. Ironically she did two great things for me. Getting rid of the free milk - I'm lactose-intolerant but was still forced to drink the stuff at school.

    And secondly closing down my secondary school, which was actually a good idea as there were three in a three mile radius. As soon as the closure was confirmed most of the parents pulled their kids out into the other schools. Those that stayed received a fantastic education. I was well below average in my first year but doing great by the time I left. During my last year of school there were twelve teachers to forty-five pupils!

    :? Most people I know who bought their council houses in the 1980's paid between £12K - £20K. Houses which are currently worth £200K - £300K. So what if they now have a short fall on their endowments! (Not that many I knew got an endowment anyway).
  14. One of the things that always interests me about this sort of debate is that we talk about Britain 'then' and 'now'. People never compare our productivity, housing policy, pensions, crime rates, health care, etc to other, similar countries like Germany and France which haven't had a dose of Maggies medicine.

    Are they storing up problems for the future which we will avoid, or have they embarked on the same changes as us but without the massive human suffering of the 1980s in this country? After all, Germany has gone through an arguably even greater set of problems with reunification. Theres's lots of competing models of political progress in Europe and I suspect that is where the truly interesting parallels on whether Maggie ruined Britain or made it great again lie.

    But then, if there's one thing ARRSERs hate more than New Labour, its foreigners. So I don't hold out much hope for a rational debate :twisted: